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Architects, Fall of Man, All Vows Collapse // Kyttaro Club, Athens, Greece // 08.06.2014

Sunday 8th was a day that every fan of metalcore and progressive metal music was waiting for. Architects came to Athens for only one live show, on the occasion of their new album, “Lost Forever// Lost Together” released on March 11, 2014. They were supported by two Greek bands,FALL OF MAN - SOFIA THEODOROU (10) All Vows Collapse and Fall of Man.

All Vows Collapse opened the show at 20:45. Their energy started shaking the fans, and the first stage dives took place.
They played older and new songs, such as “Sail Away” . The sound was very good and their performance very powerful.

After 21:30 Fall of Man appeared on stage, and everybody in Kyttaro got crazy. The band has supported many famous bands at the openings of their shows and is quite known to Greek fans. Their setlist was mixed and included old songs and three newly composed songs from their latest albums which will be released in September 2014 by Playfalse Records. They played songs such as “Silence”, “Golden Shades of Black” and “Of Incantations And Elixirs” at the end of their show and left us fully charged waiting for The Great Architects of the night, reminding that Greece has many good bands in every metal kind.

After about half an hour of soundcheck madness, frenzy dancing and enormous stage dives took place while Architects began their performance. The intro of the show was “Gravedigger”, the first song of their new album. The setlist mostly had songs from “Lost Forever//Lost Together”, ARCHITECTS - SOFIA THEODOROU (1)but also songs from other albums. During the show, the fans were expressing their love to the band by shouting “ British man is crazy, British man is crazy” like a slogan in a football game. Nothing was the same anymore in there, the summer heat was suffocating but no one cared about that. A memorable moment was when the crowd and the band members sat down at the beginning of “Even If You Win You’re Still A Rat” and the bombastic whirl after that. Favorite “Naysayer” was played too . Brothers Searle were amazing professionals and Sam Carter’s voice was perfectly clean, like you were listening to him through your mp3’s headphones. Last song of the main show was “Broken Cross’’, and encore included “Red Hypergiant” and “These Colors Don’t Run”.

What we can say about that show is that it was the perfect payback for a five-year-old absence from our country. We hope to meet them again soon with new album and the same passionate appearance on stage.

Report: Eöl Úmanyar
Photos: Sofia Theodorou