Behemoth, Bolzer, Thaw // Fuzz Club, Athens, Greece // 17.04.2015

I’ve been waiting this live for some time now. Already seen BEHEMOTH once in Heavy By The Sea summer festival last year, I was eager to see them as headliners at last. So the occasion for me was special and with good company the fun was guarantee. Now arriving at Fuzz club at 8:30 the doors were still closed and about 300 people where waiting patiently.

Finally the doors opened at about 9 and THAW where already on stage. And luckily on their beginning of their set. Now you can describe them as black metal, doom metal, ambient, noise or whatever you want, the point really is that they are an interesting and hopeful band from Poland. The five, dressed with hoodies, members were forming a half circle almost facing each other and not the crowd directly.


Without a single word and without stopping between songs THAW delivered a 40 minutes set list and impressed us with their commitment and their rite-like performance. They left us in good but semi-bored mood (their songs are very long with no reason).

Well BOLZER were the surprise of the event. With only two members HzR (drums) and KzR (guitars) they really delivered chaos!! Their black/death metal was like a cold wind inside Fuzz club. With bits of Immortal, Dissection inside their songs but with their own elements as well they really made many heads bang around. Including my own regardless the fact I couldn’t stop staring at them with my mouth open wide.

And although they didn’t have a bass player or a second guitar their music is still strong as a granite wall. KzR is like I Viking warrior regardless the band is from Switzerland and HzR is a machine behind the drumset. And after little more of half an hour of astonishing performance they finished their setlist thanking us for being there.


At last it was time to enjoy the headliners of the event. And when they finally hit the stage at 10:45 all hell broke loose!! “Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel” was just an appetizer compared to what followed next. Theatrical as always on stage (personally I like it), these polish “monsters” are a well oiled machine on it.

And the war continued with “Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer”, “Decade OfTherion”, “Messe Noire” while some mosh pits made their coward appearance. “Conquer All”, “At The Left Hand Path” and “Chant For Eschaton 2000” (personal favorite) and my neck fell off!! Nergal, Orion and Seth are like dark giants on stage and Inferno…damn this guy is like an octopus!! I can’t remember the exact order of the setlist but it was an absolutely best of!! Although I would prefer one more song (Moonspell Rites).

For the encore and as they played last summer was “Oh Father, Oh Satan, Oh Son”, leaving us staring the stage like dorks. Unfortunately one hour and 15 minutes was all their appearance and this is the only negative I’ve managed to find in the hole event.


Three absolutely professional bands but with an tremendous performance. Headache, a crushed neck and a big smile of happiness surely is my kind of awareness that a live event was good. And this one was amazing!! I wish it could have lasted a bit more though. ‘Till next time….HAIL!!!!!!!!

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