Machine Head // Votanikos Live Stage, Athens, Greece // 26.09.2015

A night with MACHINE Fuckin’ HEAD surely it can’t be a boring night!! And this night was very promising. To take things from the beginning, spending some hours in a studio with old and new friends is always a good way to begin your Saturday with the Americans as the main event.

Arriving at the final place that it the live was arranged and the time it was arranged I notice that the doors where opening at that time. Well 45 minutes later we where entering the Votanikos Live Stage to enjoy Robb and his pals for over 2 hours of live performance.

First of all, I really likes the place for live shows. And the sound was very good in most of the live. Finishing with those things Machine Head came on stage at 9:30 and our live experiences will never be the same again. With “Imperium” the place shook from its’ foundations!! And it continued with “Beautiful Mourning”, “Now We Die”, “Bite The Bullet” and “Locust” (chaos).

The a trip back with some older songs like “The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears”, “Not By My Own”, “Crashing Around You”. The crown never stopped to headbang, singing their guts out, or jumping like rabbits!! The band full of energy and although I’ve missed a bit the imposing Adam Duce, Jared MacEachern was restless during all the show and was helping with the back up vocals (a bit more brutal).

The time had come and the first notes of “Davidian” made us go nuts and loose our fucking head. The band is like what her name says…..a Machine!! Amazing performance with tremendous energy, never stopped to communicate with the crowd. “Descend The Shades Of Night”, “Now I Lay Thee Down” and “Aesthetics Of Hate” to continue the massacre and make us hold our necks and throats from the pain. For the end the band left us with “Halo” and holding our necks and throats from the pain.

Machine Head are amazing live and this performance will be something that we will remember forever. Weather you love or hate Robb Flynn and his (sometimes) big mouth you can be absolute sure that his stubbornness and will made this band what it is today. And this live was their signature on their fame!