It is obvious that this group’s second project is a long, long time after their first one, since 8 years of discography “drought” were enough for us to believe that this group would live in obscurity then on, even though its’ capabilities were plenty. Luckily though, in 2005, our beliefs denied and we can be pleased now on since their brand new disc is here. 3 discs only but I can express my belief that they can go even higher.

The melodic vocals full of feelings and passion meet the black vocals, the low tempo rhythms become one with the instruments’ high tempo ones with “sharp” riff and fast, the dark melody “hugs” the extreme sound in order to produce more power and all these characteristics’ name is “The old dead tree”.

It’s absolutely normal that there are more groups that combine these elements as soon as “virginity” does not exist or will exist in music but it may just is the only group that has the most popularity than any other of the style.

The new disc does not differ a lot from the past ones, it may is a bit more “strong” without being different as the group’s main style is concerned. I believe that fans are going to love it and I wish it will contain the base to know the group the ones that have never heard of it.

Track List Line Up
01. Start the fire
02. Don’t wake me up (those who never wear white)
03. Dive
04. What’s done its done
05. The water fields
06. Is your soul for sale
07. A distant light was shining
08. Regarding Kate
09. Rise to the occasion
10. Hey
11. This is now farewell
Manuel Munoz (Vocals, Guitars)
Nicolas Chevrollier (Guitars)
Vincent Danhier (Bass)
Frederic Guillemot (Drums)