“Everyday Demons” is the second album of the Irish classic hard-rocking band “The Answer” (Currently touring with Ac/Dc).

From the first tune you can understand what’s it going to be for the next 50 minutes. Heavy Riffing Guitars, bad ass vocals and a big rhythm section teaches you what rock n roll’s all about. The album is passionate, honest and it reminds me the 70’s Hard Rock Sound which probably is the main influence of the band.

The songs are great and pretty original. Every single track stuck into my head and even from the first hearing i could sing along with the band. I can tell for sure that “Demon Eyes”, “On and On” and “Evil Man” will stay in my playlist for a long time.

Listening to “Everyday Demons” has the same feeling like listening to Led Zeppelin III or staff like that. I guess this is the meaning of success in bands like “The Answer”. “Everyday Demons” is highly recommended to the fans of pure Hard Rock sound considering to be a pure Rock n Roll gem.

Track List Line Up
01. Demon Eyes
02. Too Far Gone
03. On And On
04. Cry Out
05. Why’d you change your mind
06. Pride
07. Walkin’ mat
08. Tonight
09. Dead of the night
10. Comfort zone
11. Evil man
Cormac Neeson – Vocals
Paul Mahon – Guitar
Micky Waters – Bass Guitar
James Heatley – Drums