Static-X are back with their sixth release within ten years! Cult of Static generally speaking seems to be slightly innovative in regard to all their previous albums – introducing a couple of new ideas – maintaining though their unique “disco” style, if I might say so. Terse guitar riffs, powerful drums and bass and strong vocals compose a true must-have! The highly rhythmic sound of Static-X has worked as a benchmark for them in terms of distinguishing them from the other bands of their time and they implement the same strategy again in Cult of Static. Surprisingly enough, they “go back to basics”, since this album is a lot like their first couple of albums, sound-wise.

What’s very interesting is that they included several guitar solos which even though aren’t very technical or complicated are indeed well balanced and in-built, basically due to the fact that they are mainly gradual. They are by no means tiring, given that they are rather short, but this doesn’t diminish their value at all.

Lunatic, the first track of the album, is literally like a punch to the face! It starts with aggressive and truly powerful drum playing by Nick Oshiro and by the time the vocals kicked in, the track had already served its purpose – as an opening track, the purpose is to get the listeners’ attention. At last we have a well balanced album in which the intensity of the music doesn’t fluctuate at all. Terminal, Isolaytore, Tera-Fied and Grind 2 Halt and frankly all the tracks of Cult of Static are equally powerful and impressive. Be sure to pay extra attention to Dave Mustain’s guest performance, which definitely adds an epic tone to the whole piece. To be honest, the only aspect of this production that I would probably classify as a con is the fact that Static-X seem to have focused greatly on Static’s vocals, which are heard loud and clear; So clear in fact that at points I almost forgot that Static-X is much more than Static alone…

To sum this up, overall Cult of Static is a very good album and worth getting. Unique, innovating and powerful that provides high quality music. However, if you’re a Megadeth fan and expect to hear a Static-X – Megadeth fusion, then I’m sorry but you should look elsewhere.

Track List Line Up
01. Lunatic (featuring Dave Mustaine)
02. Z28
03. Terminal
04. Hypure
05. Tera-Fied
06. Stingwray
07. You Am I
08. Isolaytore
09. Nocturnally
10. Skinned
11. Grind 2 Halt
Wayne Static: Guitars, vocals
Koichi Fukada: Guitars, programming
Tony Campos: Bass
Nick Oshiro: Drums