Veterans from Germany as they are, Torment decide to play the music they love in the simple way they lived it in the 80s. Speedy thrash metal is what they express themselves with. It seems a little bizarre nowadays though, but we can’t blame them. How often after all can we listen to such a release in the year of 2009?

As if they come of another era, an era of honesty, simplicity and innocence, Torment deliver the goods with their fourth full length release. Simple songs, without any technique or will to impress the listeners. It seems it’s all about the fun after all. They enjoy what they do and they don’t hesitate to show they are proud of it. They also offer us a cover of Blitz with ”We Are The Boys” and they get us inside the party. The question is, how much interest will some people show for this release. Especially new fans won’t seem that eager to listen to such a retro release, with lyrics about sex, alcohol, politics etc.

Torment did a good record but they seem a little out of time. It is nice of them believing in what they do. An average release with a lot of fun and retro memories. It’s in your will if you become a fan. I liked the album but i don’t know if i listen to it again in the near future.

Track List Line Up
01. Tormentizer
02. Let’s Get Extreme
03. Nothing To Repent
04. Heavy Metal Whorehouse
05. I Hate The System
06. Wind Of Change
07. Stalker
08. Temptress Crystal Meth
09. We Are The Boys
10. Politics And Religion
11. The Ones You Love To Hate
12. A Tribute
Jorn ‘XXX’ Ruter – Vocals, Bass
Carsten ‘XX’ Overbeck – Guitar
Chris ‘X’ Gripp – Drums