Satan, god, their relationship, churches, wolves, an organ, a splendid singer and a 25-singer choir give the recipe for a really EPIC album.

The band seems frantic on the songs catching immediately your attention, the songs are written for live shows. After one listening then you will sing at least the choruses with tremendous passion. Powerwolf may not be the mostly mainstream power/heavy metal band but they have elements that remind the listener bands-kings of the kind.

Also, the production is very clear and gives to the songs the right feeling. This not a big surprise, because it has been produced and mixed by a mastermind of this, Fredrik Nordstrom Satan, church and wolves are the main concept of the lyrics, as Powerwolf used to in their previous works. The voice of Attila is made for the style of the band and along with their ‘loved’ organ they use a 25-singer choir. The guitar has its slow parts (that have been minimized since the last time) and it can be to an in-your-face-furious-killing-machine. All the above create the whole portrait of “Bible Of The Beast”, which surely can be represented by a tremendous theatrical play.

During the songs other bands will pop up in your mind.Rhapsody, Blind Guardian, Savatage and even Amon Amarth. The doom metal parts, that were used in their two previous full-lengths, have been reduced. Another thing that is a bit controversial between the listeners will be the amount of guitar solos. There aren’t so many solos and when they appear they are on the backround. Fortunately, they cover solos’ absence by using the organ and the choir to the point that five to six songs will pass before you understand it. But for solos’ lovers this will be a major drawback of this album. So, it’s up to you.

The titles of the songs are very interesting and explain a lot about what you will hear. “Catholic In The Morning.Satanist At Night”, “We Take The Church By Storm” and more are some highlights, and titles as “St. Satan’s Day” may put you in deep thoughts or just make you laugh with the sarcasm that the band uses for the connection between Satan and Christian god.

Fans of Powerwolf run!!! Fans of power/heavy metal give “Bible Of The Beast” a chance.

Track List Line Up
01. Prelude To Purgatory
02. Raise Your Fist, Evangelist
03. Moscow After Dark
04. Panic In The Pentagram
05. Catholic In The Morning.Satanist At Night
06. Seven Deadly Saints
07. Werewolves Of Armenia
08. We Take The Church By Storm
09. Resurrection By Erection
10.  Midnight Messiah
11.  St. Satan’s Day
12.  Wolves Against The World
Attila Dorn – vocals
Matthew Greywolf – guitars
Charles Greywolf – bass
Stefane Funebre – drums
Falk M. Schlegel – organ & keyboards