This quartet from Savannah, Georgia of the United States of America, made a lot of people keep an eye on them, when they released their first full length called ”Red Album” back in 2007. It was a very good and promising release, quite different from what we’ve been used to by Relapse the last decade especially. Their progy and sludgy influences created an anxiousness of what was to follow and where they could drive their music.

The new album, simply called ”Blue Record” seems to be the right move at the right moment. I can’t explain otherwise the fact that this effort sounds so challengingly addictive from the beginning. First of all, interludes take place inside the album which make it flow much easier. The first album was 56 minutes long, while this is less than 45, so they score right from the start, making the opponents try to follow.

As far as they managed to surpass the departure of guitarist Brian Blickle and replace him with Pete Adams, the rest was easy. He fits perfectly and helps a lot John Baizley to concentrate on his vocals, which raise the level of the album much higher. I wish Mastodon had such vocals for example, clear-sounding, more focused and without needing to wonder what the fuck someone’s singing.

Also, we have improved musicianship here. It’s not that ”Blue Record” is very different to ”Red Album” but balance is the answer to problems most of the times and that’s what happens here. Being a logical continuation to its former companion, the new album sounds even more tight and easy to listen, without being commercial or cheesy, but putting things where they must be put. For example the right riff in the right place, as so with the vocals etc.

This album contains SONGS in capitals. They don’t have the need in proving that they can smash their instruments, or bang their hands like maniacs. It’s albums like these that only Americans can offer, there is a certain vibe and feeling in their music which will help you understand what I mean, especially when you get to listen to it. I am sure it’s gonna catch your hand and lead you to where it wants. Sounds, visions, attitude, are by their side. Just take a look at the album’s cover and the rest are inside the lens of the cd (or the lines on the vinyl if you prefer).

Track List Line Up
01. Bullhead’s Psalm
02. The Sweetest Curse
03. Jake Leg
04. Steel That Sleeps the Eye
05. Swollen and Halo
06. Ogeechee Hymnal
07. A Horse Called Golgotha
08. O’er Hell and Hide
09. War, Wisdom and Rhyme
10. Blackpowder Orchard
11. The Gnashing
12. Bullhead’s Lament
John Baizley – Guitar, Vocals
Peter Adams – Guitar
Summer Welch – Bass, Vocals
Allen Blickle – Drums