What a comeback! What a band! What an album! I am filled with joy and enthusiasm when it comes to situations like this one here. The mighty Paradox from Germany are on fire. None can explain otherwise the fact that not only they returned last year after 8 years of abscence with a great album called ”Electrify”, but this time they did a lot faster and they manage to create something even better with ”Riot Squad”.

This time they are even more thrashier, heavier than ever before, full of life inside them and willing to prove that we should not write them off. They did it so easily, it’s totally out of control the fact that so much energy comes from 40-year old men, while new bands consisting of members 20 to 25 years old can’t even write a single good song. Paradox wrote a full length album where everything fits right and makes our heads bang even quicker.

They were always the German band whose style looked more towards the other side of the Atlantic, meaning the United States of America. They never hid their love about Metallica in the past, something that was shown to their music also. That’s why most of the diehards considered them to be of better musicianship than Kreator for example who are always considered to be the top German thrash act.

In the 48 minutes of this release, you will hear about 200 riffs coming one after the other, speeds that exceed limits and neckbreakings and also, a tight and powerful album whose sum makes it even stronger, there is not a single moment of boredom here. Not for Paradox. They proudly declare that this time they came here to stay for as more as they will be able to and they just want us to follow them to their new adventure.

I am one of the first people to join them in this crusade, having also seen them live this year and I assure all of you gentlemen, that counting on them is the easiest and only thing you can do. You will surely not feel betrayed or abandoned. Something tells me that they are up to give us something phenomenal in the future, something that might drive us back to their first days, when they released ”Product Of Imagination” or ”Heresy” back in the ’80s. This may be a warning, but whatever it is, it caught us by surprise. Paradox Uber Alles! Prost!

Track List Line Up
01. Suburban Riot Squad
02. Hollow Peace
03. Riptide
04. Rise in Rank
05. Evolution Reset
06. Nothingness
07. No Place to Survive
08. Dream Hero
09. Planet Terror
10. Psychofficial
Charly Steinhauer – Vocals, Guitar
Olly Keller – Bass
Kai Pasemann – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Roland Jahoda – Drums