What can I write about this band? Misery Index has suceeded to climp in the top of death/grind music.After a decade of their birth,they achieve to express and serve this kind of music in the best probably way.The Americans that were formed in the age of 2001 is here with their fourth full-length album called “Heirs to Thievery”. They willing to steal all the glory and make all the douptfull fans to stand and listen speechless.

After one single listen the unbelievable power that explodes in every second of “Heirs to Thievery” made me feel like a giant at the end.Full of fresh ideas and these familiar killing riffs will secure you for the quallity of this release.Lurking at the depths of death metal and grind core,Misery Index ‘s show time is rising! The songs are not luck of inspiration.Indeed they’re strong,speed and bloody mixed with the great drum playing.

Once more the vocals of Jason Netherton seems to stand great and perfectly connected with the soul of the music.So angry annd violent as the songs demand it!Some of the great moments of the album are “The Seventh Cavarly”,”You lose”,”Sleeping Giants” and “Day of the Dead”.

“Heirs to Thievery” is  progress of the brilliant past of band.Misery Index is one of few bands that every work ia glowing like a diamond! I must write a word about the lyrics part of band that in every album is worth to spend time to seek deepest thoughts and truths,but this time I feel “the call of ressurection” making fearfull sounds,strong and loud,as never before!

So give yourself this pleasure.34:21 minutes of ear’s pleasure. “I cannot ressurect the living whom have died or lay to rest the dead tha are alive.”

Track List Line Up
01. Embracing Extinction
02. Fed to the wolves
03. The Carrion Call
04. Heirs to Thievery
05. The Spectator
06. The IIIuminaught
07. The Seventh Cavarly
Jason Netherton – bass/vocals
Mark Kloppel – guitar/vocals
Sparky Voyles – guitar
Adam Jarvis – drums