In our time when we re talking about Greek metal, the bands that sureley comes to your mind are ”Septic Flesh”, ”Rotting Christ”, ”Firewind” etc., but in fact there are a lot of talented bands in the greek area of metal that work hard with satisfactory result. one of these bands is Drunkard from Thessaloniki.

Drunkard are founded in 1999, and they are a thrash metal band, after their 2 demos “Alcoholic Thrash Attack”, “Promo 2003″ and one full release ”Hellish Metal Dominate” in 2004, they return with their second album called ”Like Sin Explode”. With this record Drunkard made a step to a higher level, the album its recorded to “HERTZ” studios in Poland and the production is made by Wieslawski Brothers (Vader, Decapitated). The songs are full of energy and ready to… explode upon you. An extreme mixture of old school thrash metal with a more modern thrash point of view.

“Kiss of Mayhem” is the intro of the album and its really prepapares you for what are you going to listen. ”King Death” is one of the records best songs, with variety of riffs and changing of rythms until a great guitar solo comes.”Like sin Explode” the homonymous track continues where ”King Death” finishes. powerfull thrash metal full of energy ready to blow your brain , the great riffs and solos are still here and reminds us great thrash bands of the past. As the record continue to play to we can listen some good songs until ”My Nomad Wings” comes and makes headbanging necessary.Drunkard vocalist and bass player Savvas Mistiliadis and Sakis v. (Drums) have made great job in the rythm section of the songs. Guitarists John kalouptsis and Orestis Nalmpantis looking in a very good shape, with a lot of madness and imagination, the riffs are solid and heavy as hell with the solos cutting you like a well sharped knife. Maybe will remind you some of ”Kreator”, ”Slayer” , ”The Crown” music.

The basic conclusion is that Drunkard is a band with four very good professional musicians, a new album recorded in a great studio with a great production , an artwork made by Killustration (Severe Torture, Dew Scented, Zyklon) and 10 songs full of aggressive thrash metal. I try to find some negative things in this complete work, and trully i cant find one.

If you are a fan of xtreme thrash metal , ”Like Sin Explode” must be definetely in your room playing in your cd player. Have a nice headbanging.

Track List Line Up
01. Kiss of Mayhem
02. King Death
03. Like Sin Explode
04. Bloodcrown
05. Serpent Terror XXX
06. My Nomad WIngs
07. Project Cancer
08. Chaser
09. Triggering the Apocalypse
10. Murder Carnage
Savvas Mistiliadis – Bass/Vocals
John kalouptsis – Rhythm Guitars
Orestis Nalmpantis – Rhythm & Lead Guitars
Sakis V. – Drums