Here it is, the all fresh single “Gateways” from the almighty Symphonic black metallers Dimmu Borgir. After three years without new material and some important line-up changes the last year (Mustis/Keys and Vortex/Bass-Clean Vocals left the band) the now power trio moves on with their next opus to prove that they can exist and create under various circumstances. This track is the first one from their soon to come 9th studio release “Abrahadabra” scheduled to be in stores at September/October 2010.

First of all, let me describe you in a few words, what has changed… Vortex’s clean vocal lines have been replaced with female vocals and choirs!Surprising? I tell you it fits quite impressingly nice giving the clean parts an extreme insanity and theatricality!!! As for the symphonic parts, these could be described as more simple than those of the past but also vast and imposing. Hearing the Dimmu Borgir sound on the guitars though and trademark Shagrath’s vocals/dialogues you can tell by the first few soconds that this is another Dimmu Borgir song that will break your neck.

Built in the latest manner Dimmu built their songs on “In Sorte Diaboli” & “Death Cult Armageddon” this song sounds quite epic and promising for what’s to come with “Abrahadabra”…Blasting drums and fast rhythms combined with middle tempo sections all intellectually presented to form a crawling venomous snake inside your head.

Be patient my friends the “Gateways” have already opened and the beast of “Abrahadabra” will be near you soon!

Track List Line Up
01. Gateways
Shagrath – Vocals/Keys
Silenoz – Guitars
Galder – Guitars
Daray – Drums