Where else could these viking black melodies come from if not frozen Norway? Galar, deriving inspiration from the Nors mythology, released their second album “Til Alle Heimsens Endar”, a firm cry that denounces they are here to stay.

Apart from the beautiful orchestration, execution, ideas and folk additions in clever amounts, I should also notice the balanced production of this album. Highlights that have to be mentioned are the wedding of viking clean vocals and frightful screams, the selective moments of violin, cello and piano tunes, just like the tranquillity before the storm, and the desperate composition of guitar melodies, which unconsciously reminded me of trees developing their branches in ways that eternally and sickly unify them.

The original duet and their musical companions for this recording may be totally satisfied with their “child”. For it is sentimental, mystical, desperate, harmonized, brave; a completed circle.Throughout this listening I could not but surrender to the enormous feelings enclosed in just one small disc…I was greeted by my inner Faust in “Forspill” ,drowned by my strangled senses in my personal favourite “Paa Frossen Mark”, isolated by the haunting guitar melodies in “Grámr”, seduced by the secrets of classical influences in “”Det Graa Riket”, shown the viking bravery in “Til Alle Heimsens Endar” and flown over the frozen scandinavian woods in “Etterspill”.

There may be some that will find Galar not original enough, even sticked to their influences and this is something completely understandable; their themes and music are not anything new in black metal. But I strongly insist that these musicians have the gift to offer through their music and that we should be prepared to be surprised by their future. I personally can’t wait to see them find their way!

Track List Line Up
01. Forspill
02. Ván
03. Paa frossen mark
04. Grámr
05. Det graa riket
06. Ingen siger vart vunnin
07. Til alle heimsens endar
08. Etterspill
M. Kristiansen – Vocals, Guitars and Nass
A. B. Lauritzen – Clean Vocals, Piano and Bassoon