Here’s the new blood! Second release for these newcomers from Sweden. After their excelent debut “Shrouded Divine” back in 2008, In Mourning release “Monolith” and find themselves to an even greater shape and ready to conquer all progressive metal listeners.

Having enough melodies to make you melancholic, enough brutal death metal to make you kick everyone’s ass in the same room and finally enough progressive elements to make you think before acting…These guys are certain to become the next big thing from their country.

Covering all their influences – Opeth, Dark Tranquillity, Katatonia etc. – by their own prisma and interpretation, they’ve made a trademark of their own sound. The biggest challenge nowadays, for a band to surface from the underground, is to give their own songs their own identity and character and In Mourning actually never failed to do so. Being more progressive as well as more brutal than “Shrouded Divine” and keeping the melodic lines at the same high quality, on “Monolith” the freshness is quite obvious. Finally, it seems that on this one, even clean vocals sound better and more stable than before.

These guys can’t fail. Listen to them without hesitation, they’re great!!

Track List Line Up
01. For You To Know
02. Debris
03. The Poet And The Painter Of Souls
04. The Smoke
05. A Shade Of Plague
06. With You Came Silence
07. Pale Eye Revelation
08. The Final Solution (Entering The Black Lodge)
Tobias Netzell-Cuitars/ Vocals
Pierre Stam-Bass
Björn Pettersson-Guitars
Tim Nedergård-Guitars
Christian Netzell-Drums