People love Motorhead for their musical “honesty”. They said, years ago, “we are Motorhead and we play rock n’ roll”. And they put their foot down and never abandoned their battleground. Their new album “The World Is Yours” is like another episode in a series that lasts for almost thirty years since Ian Kilmister – a.k.a. Lemmy – decided to leave another legendary band, Hawkwind, and started making history himself. These series can be named as “true fuckin’ rock n’ roll”.

Hearing their last three albums, “Inferno”, “Kiss Of Death” and “Motorizer”, I have to say that this one is the best of anything that Motorhead have accomplished in recent years. Typical, powerful and dirty. Compared to their first pieces of work, we have to say that modern technology has helped Motorhead to enhance their music giving it serious raw power especially in “The World Is Yours” contrary to other bands that lost control with this technology and ended up losing their unique music identity.

Many good tracks came up in this album like “Born To Lose”, “Get Back In Line”, “Devils In My Hand” with “Brotherhood Of Man” reminding us a lot of “Orgasmatron”. On the whole, Lemmy gives out his well known raw power, anger and thirst for blood during the whole of “The World Is Yours”, followed proudly by Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee. Maybe declaring before that this is their best work in recent years can sound too much, but we’ll all have to admit that this album is the most powerful in recent years!

The new album comes to upset our quiet and meaningless lives like they always do although with nothing new to give. Besides, who would want Motorhead to change?

Track List Line Up
01. Born to Lose
02. I Know How to Die
03. Get Back In Line
04. Devils In My Head
05. Rock ‘n’ Roll Music
06. Waiting for the Snake
07. Brotherhood of Man
08. Outlaw
09. I Know What You Need
10. Bye Bye Bitch Bye Bye
Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister – vocals, bass
Phil Campbell – guitar, backing vocals
Mikkey Dee – drums, percussion