Well I don’t believe that there are many of you that think of Cephalic Carnage as a band that can make you emotional about their music. Yes you are probably right. The thing about them is their insanity of their riffs, the orchestration and the mad mad vocals.

And then the “The Incorrigible Flame” starts and maybe you are expecting something chaotic and pioneer like their first albums. Unfortunately we were misled. The grind core elements are more dominant in this one. The chaos and the noise of past days are staying in their past. There aren’t absent yet they are fewer. The “Anomalies” of their brains are starting to get form and take the shape of a modern technical brutal death metal album. Yes there are moments like “P.G.A.D.”, “Pure Horses” and “Aeyeecgh!” that the abnormal and dysfunctional parts of their masterminds come on the surface. The weirdest of all is the listening to “Repangaea”. It makes you wonder of the evil Mastodon did to the U.S. metal scene. Finally “The Incorrigible Flame” and “Abraxas of Filth” are the greatest moments of them in this album and in the end “Aeyeuchg!” is the right one to end this madness.

I couldn’t think more of this album. I was thrilled when it came in my hands but in the end it left me with a bittersweet aftertaste. “Misled By Certainty” is obviously the correct title for this one. Cephalic are more tight than ever and still crazy as before. You could relax and enjoy a well played death metal album by a great band after all.

Track List Line Up
01. The Incorrigible Flame
02. Warbots A.M.
03. Abraxas of Filth
04. Pure Horses
05. Cordyceps Humanis
06. Raped by an Orb
07. P.G.A.D.
08. Dimensional Modulation Transmography
09. Ohrwurm
10. When I Arrive
11. A King and a Thief
12. Power and Force
13. Repangaea
14. Aeyeuchg!
Leonard “Lenzig” Leal – Vocals
Steve Goldberg – Guitar
Brian Hopp – Guitar
Nick Schendzielos – Bass, Backing Vocals
John Merryman – Drums

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