Are you bored of shitty, boring and lifeless releases? Are you searching for something new, fresh and innovative? The answer to these rhetorical questions, which I am sure many of you have, is Bongripper’s Satan Worshipping Doom.

Reading the album’s title, also noticing its cover, you definitely understand what you are going to put yourself into. Many of you will say that Satan Worship is not for me, but I ensure you that this is a MUST album for a Doom/Slugde Metal fans or even for Drone lovers. Satan Worshipping doom is a concrete LP combining the sound of guitar work done in Electric Wizard’s Dopethrone with the feeling and atmosphere of Sleep’s Dopesmoker adding their trademark style in order to create a 53′ Doom Metal beast. So after 4 full length studio releases (Heroin is my favorite), Bongripper are back to destroy our inner self and world.

Moreover, “Hail” being the album’s first track , it puts you in a trance, by the repetitive and also absolute heavy guitar riffs, in combination with a gloomy and overwhelming bass sound along with the strong drum hits. This song plays a very crucial role in this album as it shows that the band has kept its identity of sound.

Furthermore, the second track of this monument is called “Satan”. The black metal influences are very noticeable, as you can hear blast beasts, power cords in guitars, creating a cold and dark feeling. The pace is evolving more and more as seconds pass by and suddenly there is a change into a more Stoner rock sound and back to this drone stoner doom rhythm, proving how talented musicians they are, and also their ability to change the sound without disturbing the listener.

Last but no least, “Worship” is the albums highlight song. I firmly believe that every doomster that respects himself should hear to this magnificent godlike doom creation. Everything I could write about this track would be surely unfair, as no human words can criticize or even describe it. Such evolution, inspiration and the most important of all concretization of the ideas is a rarity in a doom metal song in 2011.The drums become more intense as every hit of the cymbals destroys your brain cells. Not to mention that, every riff feels a dagger that stabs you painfully and slowly every time and then with the pedal effect solo you feel like your soul exits your body after this numerous stabbings , while the bass accompanies your trip the abyss…

Unfortunately, “Doom” is the fourth and the last track of the album. The drones, and the chaos it unleashes brings you smiles as it reminds a little bit of the beloved Sunn. After 11′ hypnotic minutes this music fairytale comes to end.

All in All, “Satan Worshipping Doom” is and will one of the best releases of this gerne,that you definitely should listen(especially with some alcohol or some weed).

Track List Line Up
01. Hail
02. Satan
03. Worship
04. Doom
Dennis Pleckham – Guitar
Nick Dellacroce – Guitar
Ronald Petzke – Bass
Daniel O’Connor – Drums