In world where sadness misery and disappointment conquer, Sun Of Nothing is here to make us wonder if we really should live in this world. After eleven years of vital existence Sun Of Nothing release their third studio album called “The Guilt Of  Feeling Alive” giving another breath to the Greek musical scene.

Moreover, Sun Of Nothing’s musical style is hard to define, as it combines elements from   Doom/Black/Sludge/Post Metal and Drone music. I firmly believe that, they are a band that you even love or hate. Looking at the album’s cover, you can easily distinguish depression due to the oppressing figure of the man portrayed on it. Also spooky grey color is widely used in order to give an extra touch of misery to the skyscrapers.

Furthermore, the introducing instrumental song “Sink” flows under soothing melodies and really sinks your soul into an ocean of pain desperation. In the continuation, “Catharsis” strengthens the previous depressive mental feelings, while the band’s vocalist Ilias Apostolakis seems to haven been hurt a lot and simultaneously been a lot disappointed as his screams are so sick and psychotic , giving a slight touch of the Depressive Black Metal feeling. “Drowned Out” opens the gates of abyss, which are pulling every single man that has poisoned your life. The room walls seem to narrow and Ilias vocals are getting more and more extreme.

As for the music section, we have to deal with real geniuses because of the complicity created at every single song. Not to mention that, the rhythm changes are so hypnotic and innovative that with one only hearing of the album you are not able to memorize them, making them worth to explore.

Last but not least,The album’s third song “Unreached Soul” helps you reach and connect with your inner self, who is patiently waiting in the fifth dimension. The mood continues to darken, making our existence intolerable. The black metal vibe is obvious and I have to attribute to the fact that part of the band line up has members of Black Metal Schemes such as End and Enshadowed. Also, the rhythm section plays a very unique independent role from the usual one. Coming to the album’s end, “Hearthealer” the last and longest song of the record, takes the role to clean our heart and souls from these sad feelings created from above, driving once again to catharsis.

Enclosing, “The Guilt Of Feeling Alive” is a great work that every single one of you should check and pay some attention. The hurt ones will surely love it!

Track List Line Up
01. Sink
02 .Catharsis
03. Drowned Out
04. Unreached Soul
05. Hearthealer

Ilias Apostolakis – Vocals
Giannis Panoutsopoulos – Guitar
Andreas Starogiannis – Bass
Dimitris Zafeiropoulos – Drums