Three years after their ” D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N.” album which received many positive and many negative critics from the fans of the band, Destruction are back with their new studio album “Day of Reckoning”. Marc Reign has quitted the band in 2010 and a new drummer, Vaaver, has been recruited and everyone was looking forward for those German thrashers to release a new album. Destruction released that album and they proved that they still got it and that they deserve their fame as one of the greatest thrash metal bands of all time!

The last Destruction albums received a lot of different critics from the fans of the band.  Many people characterized them as very nice, and many others as very bad. I’ve got the feeling that “Day of Reckoning” won’t leave many people disappointing!

The album is like a time bomb that explodes when you press “play”. By the time you do this an unstoppable thrash storm will conquer the place where you are! From the first moment you can feel the aggression and the passion that this record has. Very good job on the guitars from Sifringer who wrote some very nice riffs in this album, amazing drums from Vaaver (he gives drums lessons in this album), and Schmier in a great mood is the recipe for a killer thrash metal album. Especially Vaaver plays extraordinary drums in this record. Almost all songs are very fast, aggressive, and I’m sure that they will put fire in the mosh pits! Songs like “The Price”, “Hate is my Fuel” (the first video-clip of the record), “Misfit”, “Devil’s Advocate” etc are songs that will make the fans of the band pretty excited from the first moment with their mania. The album also has cohesion and pretty good sound. In the limited edition of the album you will find a nice cover that the band did to  “Stand up and Shout” of the great DIO.

To be honest I didn’t expect such a great album from Destruction in 2011. But I am very happy that I was wrong and that one of the greatest thrash metal bands released such a record. Thrash ’till death!

Track List Line UP
01. The Price
02. Hate Is My Fuel
03. Armageddonizer
04. Devil’s Advocate
05. Day Of Reckoning
06. Sorcerer Of Black Magic
07. Misfit
08. The Demon Is God
09. Church Of Disgust
10. Destroyer Or Creator
11. Sheep Of The Regime
12. Stand Up And Shout (Bonus Track)
Schmier- Bass, Vocals
Mike Sifringer – Guitar
Vaaver – Drums