The wait is over, after a brilliant first record the Greek horde strikes back with a second full length album which is entitled “Morbid Blood” and is out by HellsHeadbangers Rec. This time prepare to endulge in sounds from the glorious past of  black metal. Worshipers of Celtic Frost, Nifelheim, Aura Noir, Darkthrone etc. gather to witness the second filthy/morbid work which is arisen straight from the greek depths of hell.

The albums structure is consisted of trebling razor sharp sick tunes and it has a variety of tempo but all this kind of bullshit is nothing compared to the feeling and the respect that the whole band shows to the roots of black metal. In contrast with bands that appeared in late 80s/early 90s, such as Rotting Christ, Varathron etc. Ravencult shows that they don’t have to borrow (as many Greek bands) the typical style of Greek melodic black metal. Morbid Blood is present and is crawling through your stereo
to kick some serious ass and to show that black metal is not about leather, rockstar/gay attitude that tend to eliminate the old spirit of black metal primitivism. We are talking about punky thrash metal riffs engaged to venomous lyrics that captures one’s attention right away. Prepare to taste a ragefull blast that in some songs dies in rotten slow tempo melodies with no female vocals no synths no fucking compromises. Morbid Blood is pure in every single way and every song proves it.

With songs such as “Sacrilege Of Death, Possessed On A Burial Ground and The Gates Of Bloodshed” and in general with  their last effort Ravencult prove that they have practised their debute album/sound but also moved on a step forward and that each member of the band is in deadly shape. Linos (Throat) produces great lyrical virtuosity, he can definitely pull off the relevant sounds of snarling, choking hatred with startling aplomb, and his vocals give the album a huge boost of its “morbid” personality. Stefanos (Guitars) for once more delivers catchy rusty riffs,a trademark of the bands sound from the very beginning that are clearly in the vein of the old spirit of black metal. Disharmonic/thrashy riffing comes and goes and the listener experiences fascinating music technicality along with the rotten feeling that the album produces.
As for the S (Bass) and Maelstrom (Battery) they are collaborating in perfect harmony in order to deliver hellish pounding/storming rhythm and some times slowly tempo that crawls under your wrecked skin.

To be honest this is nothing you haven’t heard before, and this is by far the best their style has to offer. However this is a band and an album that  defines black metal with no additives, no fake borrowed identities, original to the core sounds making the horde to undoubtedly worship it and them. Its crystal clear that with this album we have a ripping thrashy effort that fans of this style will bang their heads off for sure in the name of  the “Morbid One”. Highly Recommended….

Standout tracks: “Black Rites Of Execration”, “Morbid Blood”, “The Gates Of Bloodshed”, ”Sacrilege Of Death”

For maniacs the record is released in the following formats:
-CD Out  On HHR
-Vinyl LP that Comes with an 8-page booklet with lyrics & tons of art.

Track List Line UP
01. Sacrilege Of Death
02. Possessed On Burial Ground
03. Hail Revenge
04. Morbid Blood
05. Winds Of Damnation
06. With Hunger In Eyes
07. Snakes Crawls
08. Black Rites Of Execration
09. Sworn To The Unspoken Oath
10. The Gates Of Bloodshed
Linos – Vocals
Stefanos – Guitars
S -Bass
Maelstrom – Drums