After numerous line ups, nine studio albums and only with one original member the underground Dutch death metal gods return with a new album called “Legacy Of Ashes”. Formed in 1988, Sinister and was one of the European death metal pioneers who helped the genre to evolve with some serious releasements such as “Cross the Styx” and “Diabolical Summoning “. Adrie Kloosterwaard is the only constant member of the band paying his duty as a drummer till 2005 and now doing the vocal part keeping the blasphemous flame of Sinister alive.

“Legacy Of Ashes” is one classical straight forward death metal album, with lots of blast beats, deep vocals and razor cut guitars. One nice feature that this album has is that you can happily distinguish the band being influenced by other favorite bands such as Immolation and Cannibal Corpse. The album starts ideally with the war march intro, making a great atmosphere to begin with. As, “Into The Blind Word” starts, the demon in album cover comes to life ready to devour and sodomize everything. Intensive drumming, nice technical switching guitar riffs prove that Sinister hasn’t lost it at all. Then, the wise titled song “The Enemy Of My Enemy” demolishes as the groove of the guitars gets higher and higher accompanied with a nice break around the third minute. In the continuity, “Anatomy Of A Catastrophe” creates a sinful atmosphere, while you can feel the demon trying to slaughter the filthy race of humans as it is portrayed in the cover.

Furthermore, the “The Sin Of Sodomy” which is in my opinion is the album’s favorite song simply tears everything apart and simultaneously is a hymn to Sodomy as partly death metal forecasts. Brain destructive bass intro together with an early Cannibal Corpse feeling is the best way to implement the song “Legacy Of Ashes “. Moreover, the next track “The Hornets Nest” is a great example of how many more Sinister could offer to the scene. Innovative, groovy and pure. Do you need more? Last but not least, “Righteous Indignations” gives you another punch in the face as the speed peaks in dangerous limits with a riff and blast beat orgasm. Unfortunately , the albums last song ” The Living Sacrifice ” is the best way to end this good death metal album , due to the fact that the pace is still strong and brutal without living even a second unused.

Easily you can be driven to the conclusion that , “Legacy Of Ashes” is a quite nice releasement keeping the band fame still in good percentages. Lastly, Adrie’s attempt and vocal work is undeniable godly.

Track List Line Up
01. Herd Of Damnation (Intro)
02. Into The Blind World
03. The Enemy Of My Enemy
04. Anatomie Of A Catastrophe
05. The Sin Of Sodomy
06. Legacy Of Ashes
07. The Hornet’s Nest
08. Righteous Indignations
09. The Living Sacrifice
Adrie Kloosterwaard – Vocals
Toep Duin – Drums
Bastiaan Brussaard – Guitar
Dennis Hartog – Guitar
Mathijs Brussaard – Bass