6(66) years have passed from the last full length album (Harvest Ritual Vol.I ) but it seems that no one can stop the blood-freak Killjoy and his wicked company to return from the dead to unleash another cult attack. It took a long time to finally emerge from the crypt but the fans have nothing to fear about the new creation as the undead warlord and his army of hell is still capable of delivering quality “evil dead” tunes.

The new creation which took flesh on the 16 of May is entitled “Deathtrip 69” and is consisted of ten tracks (40 min.), but first of all I have to confess my big admiration of this filthy zombie which is called Killjoy and his creations. He still stands rotten to the core and wicked after all these years. After the first half of May, in the beginning of the second one, the horror film started for once again with Necrophagia delivering for once more an album that is very interesting and catchy and I have to say that with Deathtrip 69, the band is still capable of making its fans happy. If I could detect a negative element of this record this it would be that the sound of the band is polished but in general the rotten flesh still smells for good.. Heavy riffs as fuck, horror samples and other gore parts are fashionable for every member of the death metal family, especially for those who are thirsty for violence and are obsessed with cult horror splatter films. A great soundtrack/hymn to the ancient flesh.

Killjoy still continues the horror tradition and keeps the cult lyrical theme alive and kick ass. For some people lyrics aren’t important usually, but it’s good to see Necrophagia still keeps their verbosity alive and well. I like the samples and the keys that are used for this record but I think that most of you, you will agree that the song “Bleeding Eyes Of The Eternally Damned” steals the show from the very early listening of the record. For the fans of the horror films you know that is a truly hommage to the movie “City of the living dead” by Lucio Fulci! In the end you can listen to a cover of “Apoteosi del mistero”, in the soundtrack of Fabio Frizzi. Lessons on how to be loyal to the roots of your music..

It is good nowdays some bands to support still their music and their personal style that made them well known and not trying to transform in order to be more mainstream and supported from bigger audiences. Killjoy knows that for sure and is spreading the zombie thoughts well wide in a good manner though the years without having the image of the band into wrong direction.

Standout tracks: “Bleeding Eyes Of The Eternally Damned”, “Trick R’ Treat (The Last Halloween)”, “Deathtrip 69”

For maniacs the record is released in the following formats:
-CD Digipak Bloodpak

Track List Line UP
01. Naturan Demonto
02. Beast With Feral Claws
03. Tomb With A View
04. Suffering Comes In Sixes
05. A Funeral For Solange
06. Kyra
07. Bleeding Eyes Of The Eternally Damned
08. Trick R’ Treat (The Last Halloween)
09. Deathtrip 69
10. Death Valley 69
Killjoy – Vocals
Boris Randall  – Guitars
Damien Mathews – Bass Guitar
Shawn Slusarek – Drums