2 years after their last studio album, Karkelo, those crazy folk metallers from Finland are back with their new album, “Ukon Wacka”. Korpiklaani is a band that always makes you have great fun, get very drunk, and have a hell of a time while listening to their music! And “Ukon Wacka” is definitely keeping the tradition. Someone who has listened to Korpiklaani before, knows more or less what he is going to hear. For all those of you who are new to Korpiklaani’s music I advice you to do the following simple things. Grab some booze, forget your problems, and prepare to listen to some great folk metal!

The old Finnish guy, who has become something like the mascot of the band, is again in the cover of the new album. All lyrics are in Finnish, and my opinion is that they suit better to the music of the band than English. It is also an element that makes their music more unique.

The album does not contain any big surprises. Typical Korpiklaani songs, songs with party attitude, and capable to make your mood better! Korpiklaani achieve once again to combine very well metal riffs with instruments like violin, accordion, flute etc. All songs are very energetic, powerful, easy to hear and with fun mood. All of them are also staight to the point with no big intros or interludes. Songs like “Tequila” (the first video clip of the album), “Tuoppi Oltta”, “Louhen Yhdeksas Poika” are some of the greatest stuff Korpiklaani have written, while others like “Surma” (which has very nice orchestration) and “Ukon Wacka” are a bit different than the others, with somewhow different atmosphere, but also very good! The album contains some very good riffs, and the usual vocals of Jarvela, in which you won’t find many new stuff or experimentations. The sound of “Ukon Wacka” is pretty full, clean, and heavy. Also in the limited edition of the album you will find a very nice and unique cover of Motorhead’s “Iron Fist”.

As I said before you will not find any big changes in the band’s music in this album. However this is not bad. Korpiklaani released a very good, energetic, positive and heavy album. So go to your record store, buy the album, then go and get some beers and press the “play” button. Welcome to Korpiklaani’s world!

Track List Line Up
01. Louhen Yhdeksδs Poika
02. Päät Pois Tai Hirteen
03. Tuoppi Oltta
04. Lonkkaluut
05. Tequila
06. Ukon Wacka
07. Korvesta Liha
08. Koivu Ja Tahti
09. Vaarinpolkka
10. Surma
Jonne Järvelä  – vocals, guitar
Jaakko “Hittavainen” Lemmetty – violin, jouhikko and woodwinds
Kalle “Cane” Savijarvi – guitar
Matti “Matson” Johansson – drums
Jarkko Aaltonen – bass
Juho Kauppinen – accordion