A thrash metal revival is happening in our days. A huge number of new bands are formed everywhere and many of them play very good music. Kids that love thrash and want to play like their idols are everywhere and the scene is getting bigger and bigger. One of those new bands are Havok.

2 years after their debut album, “Burn”, that was a very good thrash metal record, Havok are back with their 2nd studio album, “Time Is Up”. The 2nd album of a band is always very important for their career (just think how many bands have released a very good debut and then albums that were not so good), so I was very curious to hear the new record of those thrashers from Denver. Well it seems that Havok are here to stay since we are talking about another very good album.

If I had to describe “Time Is Up” in ine word that would be dynamite! From the beginning of the album until the end of it, it is a killer thrash record. Havok seem to have worked a lot on everything. Very good and heavy riffs, very nice solos (the guitars on this album are awesome), great drumming, and screaming vocals that suit perfectly to the music of the band is what you will hear in this album. The influence of bands like Exodus, Testament, and Slayer on Havok is obvious and the band has managed to put elements from those bands (and many more-especially Bay Area bands) in their music and make it sound really good! The album is full of energy, aggression, and raw power.   Especially songs like “Prepare For Attack”, “Scumbag In Disguise”, and “Fatal Intervention” are going to create hell in the concerts of the band! The sound is very heavy and I think that this is exactly the sound that Havok needed.

With so many new bands coming out every now and then you must have something special in order to “make it”. Havok definitely got it and “Time Is Up” is the proof! Hail to the new blood of thrash metal!

Track List Line Up
01.Prepare For Attack
02.Fatal Intervention
03.No Amnesty
05.Covering Fire
06.Killing Tendencies
07.Scumbag In Disguise
08.The Cleric
09.Out Of My Way
10.Time Is Up
David Sanchez – Lead Vocals/Guitars
Jesse De Los Santos – Bass/Vocals
Pete Webber – Lead Drums
Reece Scruggs – Lead Guitar