This is the real deal folks. A band that always made its fans and haters asking what hit them and where did it come from. The masters of technique-based diverse brutality and maybe the most established act in the extreme part of music the previous decade. It was the year 2000 when they released their first same-titled album and that was the point where this insanity started. Noone could focus on a specific point, be it the constant unplayable riffs, the basslines that sounded like bowels playing the song of doom’s creation and of course, the whole battery beating that seemed like we have three drummers playing one after the other. None of this was true, as they were only five individuals creating sonic mayhem, especially for untrained ears.

Also, the case with Origin is not only that they always were extreme and technical, but they had a focused vision on what they wanted to give to their fans. Starting out from the fact that they played this music because they liked it, and not because they had to prove anything to anyone. And believe me, this is still why everybody put their hats off to them. It needs many things to be able to make such music be wanted from any fan. After all, we are all born with feelings and logic, even in small amounts the least. This playing is beyond any logic and creates much more than any simple feelings. And guess what, this time they managed to make their stuff even more comprehensive without losing a single detail of what made them worldwide known.

”Entity” is an album that continues from where the previous masterpiece ”Antithesis” ended. The music remains full of quality, diversity and extreme work on all sectors. Only this time the compositions sound closer to fans that might have not known them and it is very possible that it will prove their finest hour, regarding sales and further recognition. Now, you may ask how they did that. Well, I’m not an expert on how to create organised chaos coming through the speakers, I can only tell you that if you take the old Origin recipe of the first three albums (”Origin”, ”Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas” and ”Echoes Of Decimation”) and you add the special touch of ”Antithesis”, this is the logical outcome of all those combined with the special skills of each member.

To the undeniable and always obsessive guitar work of Paul Ryan, the best bass player on earth 2011 Anno Domini named Mike Flores and the colossus John Longstreth behind the drums, add the departure of Jason Keyser in place of James Lee to make matters even better. No matter if you liked Lee’s voice, the newcomer Keyser fitted perfectly with the rest maniacs and for about 36 minutes, you won’t be able to say a single thing while listening to tracks like the initial ”Expulsion Of Fury”, the godly ”Saliga” which is one of their best songs ever, and the double duo that closes the album, with the seven minute opus ”Consequence Of Solution” being followed by the gigantic riff of ”Evolution Of Extinction” (great title, sums up totally what Origin is about in 2011 towards the rest followers of them).

With three tracks less than two minutes and with the instrumental track ”The Descent” right in the middle of the album, ”Entity” is by far the most mature release of the Kansas force and what makes me certain for more success in the future, is the fact that they may take this album as an element for their future work. They have nothing to prove to anyone and you must be either a hater of multiple notes put to order, or have a personal problem with them if you don’t like this album, or at least admit that what they do, they do it perfect. This is the point where we must put them next to Dying Fetus and hope that both of them united, are able to drive extreme music to new soundscapes, always with succesful results and always with comfort in their playing. Origin are an independent entity, make sure you put that deep inside your minds. Unless you want to get more suprised in about two or three years from now.

Track List Line Up
01. Expulsion Of Fury
02. Purgatory
03. Conceiving Death
04. Swarm
05. Saliga
06. The Descent
07. Fornever
08. Committed
09. Banishing Illusion
10. Consequence Of Solution
11. Evolution Of Extinction
Jason Keyser – Vocals
Paul Ryan – Guitars
Mike Flores – Bass
John Longstreth – Drums