Textures happen to be of those bands that make history while they are still active and that’s what “Dualism” is all about…History in the making! After “Silhouettes” back in 2008 and some major line up changes that occurred (Cilice’s frontman -Daniel De Jongh- taking over the lead vocal duties and Uri Dijk taking over the keys), the sextet oiled the machines with the midnight oil…and really got it burned fast to produce this masterpiece!!!

Having everything placed on a table that seems full of ideas and musical paths “Dualism” will surely satisfy every one of you that has been lucky to have heard their previous releases, but also anyone who’s open to hear, absorb and feel the huge amount of music, technique, melody and freedom of expression contained in here!

Textures are not an obvious djent metal band. There far more than just this. They have been building their unique sound for many years now, so that’s one factor that separates them from the latest movement of djent the past few years. Their huge riffology, weird structuring of music themes in a floating almost bouncy environment, their unstoppable wise flow of the simplest melodies, combined with clean vocals – that at times become pop-, always come along with their metronome-sharp death metal moments, and expression meets their open minds and flawlessly waves everyone with a smile…

Here you’ll hear pop melodic guitars, downbeats, weird beats, death riffs, huge sound, death grunts and melodic vocals. Everything reaching top performance and a band hopefully at one of their peeks!!! As for the main change in their sound, vocalist Daniel, amazing ideas, endurance and abilities might be somewhat too little to describe his capabilities!!! He probably is the most gifted person that this band has placed in the vocal throne…And he so fits in there!!!

The wait is over. All you instrument freaks, all you djent freaks and all the rest of us “Dualism” is unleashed. Textures are back and remember the date because a new wave will crawl on surface soon for all open minded music lovers!!! Gather round your stereo and admire this huge kick in the face of everyone and everything! Amazing!!!

Track List Line Up
01.Arms of the Sea
02.Black Horses Stampede
03.Reaching Home
04.Sanguine Draws the Oath
05.Consonant Hemispheres
06.Burning the Midnight Oil
08.Minor Earth, Major Skies
09.Stoic Resignation
11.Sketches from a Motionless Statue
Daniël de Jongh – Vocals
Stef Broks – Drums
Bart Hennephof – Guitars
Jochem Jacobs – Guitars
Remko Tielemans – Bass
Uri Dijk – Keys