The Norwegian power/prog metallers Pagans Mind return after four years of absence from discography with their fifth new album ”Heavenly Ecstasy”. This is a pretty good album and worked tremendously focused with perfect melodies, great choruses, an excellent production and of course they didnt hesitate to show up the high techical training where the progressive metal passes through the commercial period. In the first part of the album we can listen the commercial and catchy part of the album and in the second phase we have the progessive elements of the band with several good compositions with strong and inspired choruses and instrumental parts tha are truly remarkable in this album.

”Eyes Of Fire”: This is the first song of the album with an oriental rhythm intro and then enters the familiar style of the band with heavy riffs and sweet melodies and pretty good chorus .
”Intermission”: This is the first single of this album with a number of commercial choruses in the middle of the song and a few several progressive elements .
”Into The Aftermath”: The third piece of this album but not anything worthwhile in my opinion, it has a great riff but not something of value .
”Walk Away In Silence”: This is the first ballad song of the album but this song didn’t touch me because its like the previous song in the same range as its predecessor , trading choruses and melodies that fill several simple parts in this song.
”Revelation To The End”: From this song and on the band shows its progressive elements, stopping to trade choruses and simple melodies. This song has a pretty good introductory riff.
”Follow Your Way”: An introduction with keys and a heavy riff full of life.
”Live Your Life Like A Dream”: A quiet song with the keys having the first role in this song’s composition with a very good chorus that fills this song. This is a very calm song that traveled me.
”Mastervoice”: This is the best riff of all the album in my opinion, along with some others in this album. It was the most chaotic song that could have been in the album. Excellent composition.
”Never Walk Alone”: This is a calm song too, with enough good tunes and a pretty good solo on it. Calm enough until the last chorus of the song .
”When Angels Unite”: the goodbye song of the album with a quite nostalgic melody.
For some people it would be their best album so far in their career because it is the natural evolution of the previous albums . There were many beautiful moments in the album that will catch the impression of any listener. Pagans Mind is here to attract a larger amount of audiences .

Track List Line Up
01. Contact
02. Eyes of Fire
03. Intermission
04. Into the Aftermath
05. Walk Away in Silence
06. Revelation to the End
07. Follow Your Way
08. Live Your Life Like a Dream
09. The Master’s Voice
10. Never Walk Alone
11. When Angels Unite
Steinar Krokmo – Bass
Jørn Viggo Lofstad – Guitars
Ronny Tegner – Keyboards
Nils K. Rue – Vocals
Stian Kristoffersen – Drum