Anthrax, one of the “Big 4” of thrash metal and one of the biggest and greatest thrash metal bands of all time is back 8 years after their last release. From the release of the last studio album of Anthrax, “We’ve Come For You All” that was released in 2003, since the release of their new album , “Worship Music”,many changes have happened in the band. John Bush left the band, the band made a reunion with Belladonna, then they parted ways with Belladonna again, then they hired Dan Nelson and they started recording the new album, then Dan Nelson left the band, then John Bush helped the band for a small amount of time and finally, Anthrax reunited again with Belladonna and released the new album. They have started recording this record a lot of times but they had many problems with staying with a singer. The fans were waiting for a long time for the new Anthrax record, that took 8 years to be released.

“Worship Music” is a good album, it contains some very good songs but it is not a great album. If we were talking about another band I would say that the album left me satisfied, but since we are talking about Anthrax, a band that is one of the first bands that come to your mind when talking about thrash metal and a band that has released records that wrote history, the expectations are always very high. I don’t mean that the album is bad, it is a good and interesting album that you can listen very easily. But I had higher expectation from it.

Let’s start from the beginning. Belladonna’s voice is in a great situation and he sings very good. The sound of the album is very good, clean and heavy. We all had understood this from the “Fight ‘Em Till You Can’t” song that the band uploaded before the release of the album and it is a killer song. The band also seems to be in a very good mood since almost all the tracks are full of energy. The album contains some other very good songs like “Judas Priest” (nice title!), “The Devil You Know”, and “In The End” (this song talks about Dimebag and Dio) that.are very interesting. The album has a couple of moments that will make you bang your head and that will make you enjoy the album. Something that I don’t like about “Worship Music” is that it is very modern. It’s sound and a lot of moments in the album are very modern and melodic. Many people may like this but this is definitely not what I want to hear when I am in the mood to listen to Anthrax! Moreover it contains some songs that should not have been included in the record like “Crawl”, “The Constant” and “Revolution Screams”. Those songs are a bit boring and they are not good enough to be included in an Anthrax record. There are also some moments in the record that seem uninspired to me. So, we are talking about a record that has it’s good and it’s not so good moments. But as I said before, since we are talking about Anthrax, I was expecting an album that would left me speechless. This album didn’t left me speechless.

I am sure that Anthrax can create a much better record in the future. I repeat, “Worship Music” is not a bad record, it has some very good songs, but it is not a good enough album for a band like Anthrax and after 8 years of waiting for it.

Track List Line Up
01. Worship (intro)
02. Earth On Hell
03. The Devil You Know
04. Fight ‘Em Til You Can’t
05. I’m Alive
06. Hymn 1
07. In The End
08. The Giant
09. Hymn 2
10. Judas Priest
11. Crawl
12. The Constant
13. Revolution Screams
Scott Ian – rhythm and lead guitars, backing vocals
Charlie Benante – drums, percussion
Joey Belladonna – lead vocals
Frank Bello – bass, backing vocals
Rob Caggiano – lead and rhythm guitars