Redemption are composed of former and current members of Fates Warning and Prymary. Their new album ”This Mortal Coil” impressed me from the first second, it has too much to say to all the metalheads and it’s between the best albums of 2011 . ”This Mortal Coil” is the fifth studio release of the progressive metallers. The band seems renewed with great ideas and more broadminded than ever. The inspiration for the album came from guitarist/keyboardist Nick Van Dyk. The production was made from the great Neil Kernon and the cover from Travis Smith. Nick Van Dyk needs a big bravo from all of us because being diagnosed with cancer and told he had 3-5 years to live, only to later have that diagnosis overturned and be declared cancer-free. So he did not miss the opportunity to create the album almost alone, writing all the lyrics of the album. ”This Mortal Coil” is more aggressive and darker than their previous albums and it has more metal riffs than lyricism, and of course there is the voice of Ray Alder which makes the songs better with his presence. The recipe of Redemption has inspiration and good songs ,something that exists absolutely in this album.

Songs like the initial ”Path Of The Whirlwind” and “No tickets To This Funeral“ have great riffs both of them and a dark-dynamic rhythm which immediately attracts the listener. They do not forget their influences like in “Dream From The Pit“ and “Departure Of The Pale Horse” which include the prog elements of the band, and of course we have the song ”Let It Rain” which I think is perfect, and I think it will attract you maybe more than all the others. Also worth mentioning is ” Begin Again” which is full of feelings. After too much listenings of the album, I understand that Redemption has too many excellent songs for a good live show, and of course the creative space of Fates Warning is covered after the excellent performance of Ray Alder on the vocals. If we collect all the advantages, we can see an excellent album from this band which will remain in the playlist and the memory of the listener.

Track List Line Up
01. Path of the Whirlwind
02. Blink of An Eye
03. No Tickets to the Funeral
04. Dreams From the Pit
05. Noonday Devil
06. Let It Rain
07. Focus
08. Perfect
09. Begin Again
10. Stronger Than Death
11. Departure of the Pale Horse
Ray Alder – Vocals
Bernie Versailles – Guitars
Nick van Dyk – Guitars and Keyboards
Sean Andrews – Bass Guitars
Chris Quirarte – Drums
Greg Hosharian – Keyboards