Biohazard are one of the most well-known bands of their genre. Their first albums were great and very influencial, they were unique, original and they sold a lot of copies. Since their early years, Biohazard have passed through a lot of changes and phases (line up changes, split-ups, reunions and so on) and the most serious change occured after their latest album, Reborn In Defiance, was recorded. Evan Seinfeld which was a founding member, bassist and singer of the band left Biohazard. However, in “Reborn In Defiance” he still sings and plays the bass.

The album starts with my personal favourite of the record, “Vengeance Is Mine” that is a very aggressive and powerful song. However, the rest of the record is not as good as it’s beginning. “Reborn In Defiance’ is not a bad album but, definitely, it isn’t a great one. The truth lies somewhere in the middle. In here you will find a couple of very good riffs, and a few moments that bring in mind the good old days of Biohazard, but you will also find a lot of parts that are a bit boring, some melodic parts that are not that good and some songs that are fillers. Evan Seinfeld still sings with a lot of energy and agression and he sounds very good in the more hardcore songs and parts of the album, but when it comes to the melodic and the “less heavy” parts, he sounds very moderate. The album contains some songs that are not very interesting and some that are not interesting at all. I only liked a lot 3 songs: ” Vengeance Is Mine”, “Skullcrusher” and “Reborn”. Some other songs also have interesting parts but not that much.

Surely, now that Seinfeld left the band, Biohazard are not going to sound the same. However, I believe that they can release a much better album than “Reborn In Defiance” in the future.

Track List Line Up
01. 9:IIIX6.941
02. Vengeance Is Mine
03. Decay
04. Reborn
05. Killing Me
06. Countdown Doom
07. Come Alive
08. Vows Of Redemption
09. Waste Away
10. You Were Wrong
11. Skullcrusher
12. Never Give In
13. Season The Sky
Evan Seinfeld – Bass, Vocals
Danny Schuler – Drums
Bobby Hambel – Guitar
Billy Graziadei – Guitar, Vocals