Cult thrashers Necronomicon from Germany are back with their 7th studio album, “Invictus”. Necronomicon is a band that never took what they deserved in terms of recognition, but they have made a lot of thrashers drink beers in their name. They have released great albums, they have passed through a lot of difficulties and unlucky incidents but they still keep on thrashing like maniacs! And that is what matters. So, 3 years after their previous album, “Revenge Of The Beast”, Necronomicon are back with a killer record that will definitely satisfy the fans of the band!

The “theatrical” opening of the album (the intro of the title track) is what you call “the silence before the storm”. Literally. By the time the intro stops and the first song begins any doupts that you may had about whether or not Necronomicon still got it, are erased immediately. I could describe the album as an adrenaline fix. “Invictus” is full of energy and raw power. It is a thrash album that contains many good melodies and also some more modern elements. But Necronomicon have achieved to combine very well the traditional thrash metal with these melodies and modern elements and the final result is an album that left me speechless. I know that many people may think when reading this, that Necronomicon may have become “softer” because of these elements. Not at all! The music is very heavy and the songs are going to create a lot of panic and action in the mosh pits. What impressed me most in this album are the great riffs that it contains. Excellent guitar work has been done in this album both in terms of riffs, but also in terms of the lead parts. The drums are very good; Klaus Enderlin shows that he is a very qualitative drummer. Freddy’s voice is in a very good shape and I liked a lot his singing in this album. The album also has very heavy sound and that is another characteristic that improves the quality of the record.

“Invictus” is a great album. You should definitely listen to it and you won’t lose. I am sure that in the live performances of the band, the songs will sound even better. We hope to see them soon!

Track List Line Up
01. Invictus
02. Unleashed
03. Bloody bastards
04. Thoughts running free
05. Unconquered
06. Upon black wings
07. Face to the wall
08. Pandora’s box
09. Before the curtain falls
10. Possessed by evil (2011)
Freddy – Vocals and Guitars
Andi Gern – Guitar
Andi Nagel – Bass
Klaus Enderlin – Drums