Tesseract’s presence in metal music industry spread like fire since their last year’s debut release “One” that did not only sell like hot cakes, but also gave them the most of credits amongst bands like Textures etc. as the originators of this new kind of metal music genre entitled “djent”.

Although, despite the fame, the credits, the tour etc. singer Daniel Tompkin whose special sounding voice and abilities, really made them even more recognisable and surely had contributed his maximum to the outcome of debut “One” simply left the band to be replaced by Elliot Coleman who finished the tour dates that followed, with abilities and experience quite unknown, though widely acclaimed to be perfect for the position.

After listening to “Perspective EP” I figured out that it has this double role. The presentation of Elliot Coleman’s abilities and vocal presence as the frontman of the band, for those that hadn’t seen them performing with the band on stage. But on the other hand, its second nature could be as a sneak peak a few months before their second full length will be out which is not that far, according to our informations. Quite clever and wise idea to do so, I believe, preparing the ground for themselves!

On “Perspective EP” we get the chance to listen to some acoustic versions of songs that where originally on “One” plus Coleman’s performance on them. In particular the first there songs “Perfection”, “April”, “Origin” are transformed into acoustic pieces, to give us a hint of another side of the band’s abilities and technicalities. Track four that follows, could be simply called a surprise, as it is a cover version of Jeff Buckley’s “Dream Brother”. Although not my cup of tea, this track really stands out as Elliot’s performance unveils smoothly through it. And finally, on track no5. we can hear “Eden 2.0” which is track “Eden” from the album “One” performed by Elliot.

To be sincere and frank, these five song EP, kind of made me think more about what we are going to hear on the next album. Elliot’s voice altough melodic and touching, just didn’t fit that well to my ears. The sure thing is we all are going to be quite patient, for the next full length to hear the new material placed to his voice to be more sure about it all…Until the next “One”…

Track List Line Up
01. Perfection (acoustic)
02. April (acoustic)
03. Origin (acoustic)
04. Dream Brother
05. Eden 2.0
Elliott Coleman – vocals
Acle Kahney – guitar
James Monteith – guitar
Amos Williams – bass & vocals
Jay Postones – drums