Savage Messiah is a relatively new band (they were formed in 2007) from England. They play power/thrash, they had released another 2 albums that were very good, and now they released their 3rd studio album called “Plague Of Conscience”. Bands like Savage Messiah are able to make your day because their music is full of energy and it is obvious that they love what they do. This is shown in this record.

“Plague Of Conscience” shows that Savage Messiah are here to stay. They say that the 3rd record of a band is the most critical for their career. If this is true, then Savage Messiah are in a very good road! “Plague Of Conscience” is a power/thrash record, that also has a couple of classic heavy metal elements. The important thing is that Savage Messiah achieved to combine very effectively all these elements and they created an album that is killer. In here you will listen to some great guitar work (the strongest part of the album; the guitarists did excellent work), a very good rhythm section and to some (clean) vocals that will blow your head. I liked both the fast and the mid-tempo parts of the album. The album also contains a slow song, “In Thought Alone”, that is very interesting. It is obvious that the band left nothing to chance and they worked a lot even on the smallest detail. There is no filler song in here. My personal favourites of this record are the title song, “The Accuser” and “Carnival Of Souls”. The production is also very good.

I would suggest to everyone to listen to this album and they won’t lose! Savage Messiah seem unstoppable and I hope that they continue that way.

Track List Line Up
01. Plague Of Conscience
02. Six Feet Under The Gun
03. Carnival Of Souls
04. In Thought Alone
05. All Seeing I
06. Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt
07. Architects Of Fear
08. The Accuser
09. Shadowbound
10. The Mask Of Anarchy
Omar Rodríguez-López – guitar, keyboards, synths, direction, arrangements
Cedric Bixler-Zavala – vocals
Juan Alderete – bass
Deantoni Parks – drums