After setting the drone-doom genre, back in 1993 and taking a more explorative course since 2005, Earth deliver us in two parts their sixth musical essay “Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light”. Considering the fact that drone-ambient-doom is an obscure and underrated idioma, many (mostly metal fans) come out to be very sceptical about it, creating a love it or hate it prospect. And that’s the injustice Earth suffer at this point of their career.

The band’s choice to give their work a warm, almost jamming session sound, is proving to be an excellent way to come across with “Angels…”. Earth’s perspective is simple yet very demanding: they explore and apprehend music as a whole. It’s a musical continuum which embraces genres and instruments and grows inside you. Each and every slow drum beat, guitar note, cello peak, bass humble, seem to carry experience and a distilled knowledge of songwriting and a kind of wisdom, both musical and even daring to say

Country, blues, jazz, doom and the American Gothic and Western atmosphere are well mixed and joined into the so unique meaning of Earth’s perception of orchestral time. There’s no space between the notes for the educated and patient listener. In fact, the band’s early drone background still exists, but in a more sophisticated and transformed way, just like a filling brush that paints the overflowed silence on the instrumental canvas.

Earth’s music stands and acts more like a companion. It only needs your time and trust. Cinematic, in times deeply dramatic and more than everything, pure and intellectual, it’s all about music itself. Accept their invitation. After all, there’s a lot of beauty in the desert.

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Track List Line Up
Pt I 
01. Old Black
02. Father Midnight
03. Descent to the Zenith
04. Hell’s Winter
05. Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light I
01. Sigil of Brass
02. His Teeth Did Brightly Shine
03. Multiplicity of Doors
04. The Corascene Dog
05. The Rakehell
Dylan Carlson – Guitars
Adrienne Davies – Drums
Karl Blau – Bass
Lori Goldston – Cello