And again in my hands an album in which Samoth is participating. After Zyklon’s split up, the talented guitarist found shelter in the group called Scum. He and Faust are participating in this black metal-punk band, as they proclaimed, but now they are on hold. This probably came from the not so good reaction of the world about this project. After this comes the formation of The Wretched End in 2008.

So here we got another project of Samoth with the second guitarist of Scum; Cosmocrator or as he is known now Cosmo. The Wretched End is a Samoth thrash/death metal project after the “death” of Zyklon. The trademark riffs of the former member of Emperor are here once again. Better or not I cannot really tell. The aesthetic of this CD is a different one. Yet the lyrical themes are more or less the same with those of Zyklon. These apocalyptic social issues are more than obvious. As they say this is how a soundtrack to an ecological collapse would sound like.

Those two guitarists, with the addition of the great drummer Nils Fjellsrtöm (Dark Funeral, In Battle) formed a decent death metal band. Their first album had a faster tempo. “Inroads” has more mid tempo rhythms and the riffs become groovier. The vocals of Cosmo are not as brutal as someone would expect. But they get on with the music very well.

There are not many things I can say about the band. After all it is a band of Samoth. That alone says almost everything. What you can find in this release is interesting riffs and beautiful groove. The vocals, although not that brutal, they still have this mucking feeling that makes the blending with music a true joy to listen to. If you try to distinguish a song or two from this CD as highlights, as I try to do, you will certainly fail. From the start till the end of listening to “Inroads” I couldn’t single out just one song. That’s a good feeling. You listen to it without getting bored or tired. It is not a mediocre album. You might think that from the small length of this review, but I ensure you this CD is a really good one.

So another beautiful album from a project band of Samoth is what The Wretched End’s “Inroads” is. That is my belief and I stand for it.

Track List Line Up
01. Tyrant Of The Mountain
02. Deathtopian Society
03. Death By Nature
04. Cold Iron Soul
05. The Haunting Ground
06. Fear Propaganda
07. Blackthorn Winter
08. Hunger
09. Throne Renowned Of Old
Nils Fjellström – Drums
Samoth – Guitars
Cosmo – Guitars, Bass, Vocals