Ok. I get it. Here is another band from the US. Their music is categorized with the label of deathcore. Another album, the fourth from Impending Doom, that it has no affection on me. Neither good neither bad that is.

So what there is for me to write about another deathcore album? I am disgusted by the fact that so many groups following this trend. The trend which MTV nourishing for so many years now and that many follow to make easy money. Here we have another US band trying to get as many youth audience as possible by playing slow and sharp guitar riffs. With many breaks on their already mid tempo drumming which never made me head banging and probably never will. Yes there many outbreaks with blast beats and fast guitars. Yet these are so quickly fading away that they are getting forgettable.

The vocals are the one that I could distinguish from the whole album. The patterns are very well worked and you can listen this to the ballad (!) of the album, “My Light Unseen”. That’s the only song that I stand out from the CD of Impending Doom. From a CD of deathcore, that is what they claim. “My Light Unseen” has great quality as a song. Here you can find beautiful melodies, vocals that haunt you and a great solid structure for a metal ballad. These are components that can make an album pioneering. Those components which you won’t find on any other song of “Baptized In Filth”.

Finally I would like not to comment on the lyrical concept of Impending Doom. The Christian issues that many in the music we listen to have adopted are not the problem for me. Yet the growling vocals and the death metal label make me want to puke when I listen to lyrics or songs such as “Death.Ascension.Resurrection.”.

The whole album is not above mediocrity. I don’t judge them for their lyrical themes. Anyone is free to choose his beliefs and that is something I would die upon defending it. Yet the music cannot coexist with them. I am sorry but here I have a CD that will never play again in my Hi-Fi stereo.