Acid Death is a band that has a very big history. The band was formed back in 1989, they released two studio albums, “Pieces Of Manking” in 1997 and “Random’s Manifest” in 2000, plus some other releases (demos, ep, split), they splitted in 2001, and in 2011 they decided to return. Their new album is called “Eidolon”.

Twelve years after their last album, Acid Death released an album that could be described as a dynamite. “Eidolon” is a great album. It is not an easy album to listen, but is an album that sounds even better every time I listen to it. It starts with two classic Acid Death songs, “Blind Reflection” and “Crossing The Line” and it absorbs you from the beginning. The sound of the album is perfect. I liked a lot the fact that the album has variety. It has classic Acid Death songs, it has a thrash song, “Odious Maggots”, a slow song called “Towards Hate”, it has groovy parts and so on. It is obvious that the band has worked a lot for this record because every instrument (and the vocals of course) sounds great. Especially the drums are excellent. A couple of songs are connected with each other and that creates a very nice cohesion in the album.

Acid Death did a great work in “Eidolon”. It is an album that is progressive with the true meaning of the word.

Track List Line Up
01. Blind Reflection
02. Crossing The Line
03. Towards Hate
04. Convict 655321
05. Inside My Walls
06. No Sky Above
07. Eidolon
08. Odious Maggots
09. Dying Alone
10. Sole Truth (Instrumental)
Savvas Betinis – Bass guitar/Lead vocals
Dennis Kostopoulos – lead & rhythm guitars
GusK – lead & rhythm guitars
Kostas Alexakis – drums & percussion