Crust and grindcore is genres I like very much. And here we have another release of this kind. For those not in this type of music, believe me, there is nothing here for you.

“Remnants Of Filth” is a blistering set of proper grind, bringing together d-beat tradition with the speed and savagery of modern metal. And Phobia offer it to us unmercifully. Listening to them is not a new experience for me. There is nothing new I believe for anyone. Yet they are very proud playing this music that you cannot do otherwise but like them, if not love them.

There are all the elements that we love in grindcore. Fast riffs that are becoming faster and faster, especially on some tracks such as “Atrocious Atrocity”. Punkish vocals with the right quantity of screams that makes you sing along. And of course tempos and drumming that wreck your neck and makes you want to mosh without stopping. And the small duration of the songs is never a discouraging factor on these albums. That is because the rhythms are so tight between the track list. For example after the declaration of their punk pride on “Filthy Fucking Punks” the mosh continues with “Constrain Relations”. You can listen clearly the metal influence of Phobia on many tracks, but the most revealing is “Resuscitate”. The production is clear and all the instruments are there in the right place. That is one of the many positive things on “Remnants Of Filth”.

I try hard enough to find words to describe any grindcore or crust release. Every time I try it, I always fail. And this one is another failure for me. This kind of releases is there for anyone to purchase and try to get the feeling. If you can’t “Get The Fear” from it, you better “Let It Go”.

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