Ufomammut had clearly made their presence noticeable in the stoner/doom/sludge scene especially with the album Eve. But know with a new release under the label Neurot records they made it even stronger!
This first release under the label of Neurosis is divided in two parts, the first part of Oro, Opus Premium having 5 tracks. Of course everyone is expecting a lot from Ufomammut after an album more than succesful and waiting to hear the best from this band.

First of all let’s talk about the production. Not as massive as expected but elegantly moderated and still strong and full. The heaviness of Ufomammut remains flawless and at the same time we gain in the psychedelic front. This ethereal production makes easier the oneiric feeling of the album. Like hypnotized, this material introduction of Opus Premium is easy. The space notes, playing successfully their pendulant role, don’t take long to bring us in a second state.

Progressively Ufommamut create a wall of sound. Without aggression, this wall flirts with anger but without entering. It remains in its solidity rather than its boost up. The sludge psychedelic sound of the Italians is minimal and detailed. Written in repetition the music of Opus Primium is established like patterns. The psychedelic background is efficiantly noticeable without being crushed by more heavy and loud sounds.
Hypnotizing, this first part of Oro, succeed in surprising us and confirmed the mastery of Ufomammut since their beginning. Their unique sound has become fascinating and Neurot Records have made no mistake investing on them. This band has everything to become a major group for this label.

Track List Line Up
01. Empireum
02. Aureum
03. Infearnatural
04. Magickon
05. Mindomine
Poia – guitar, synths, fx
Urlo – bass, synths, fx, vocals
Vita – drumkit


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