Fate is inevitable in life. Whatever you deserve to achieve or lose, you will see it coming towards you sooner or later. Nightstalker are established as one of the most important bands in Greek music history. They should be acknowledged for their worth much earlier but this belongs to the past. What is more important, is that they are back after three years and the very successful ”Superfreak” with their fourth full-length (and sixth release in total) ”Dead Rock Commandos”. Once again, they have delivered something worthy of their skills and rich legacy as a band and the fans are already digging the album and discover a new beloved track with each listening.

”Dead Rock Commandos” is a very good album because it is also very simplified in its procedure. No need for trying to sound progressive or unique here, after all, the band has its influences but never set the basis of their sound on them, merely because they wanted to sound closer to what they wanted most, without necessarily thinking of the fans’ opinion (which of course has become more than positive, especially the last five years). This way of thinking and acting, brought Nightstalker to the first place in the hearts of many fans in Greece, considering them the best band of the country and the most promising to continue being full of quality and honest behaviour.

The album is very easy to listen to, without being commercial and without repeating the successful recipe of ”Superfreak”. This time the guys seem to have eased things and the overall result is suitable for all cases. You can listen to the album at home, at work, on the car, when you want to do something creative, when you want to lie down lazy on a bed or a chair, in any case though, the result is always the same. It gets you high and makes you smile. It is a very enjoyable release for which the guys sound like they didn’t press theirselves at all. The best part in all ten tracks and forty minutes that follow, is the feeling that things came pretty natural to them.

Argy’s vocals is a trademark case for the band, without underestimating his former performances, I believe he sounds better and more mature than ever in this album. The certainty pouring from all four members and their back to basics approach to music is something unique which you don’t find that easily in many bands today. That’s why many fans substituted Monster Magnet by putting Nightstalker on their place (especially after the year 2000). The clean and warm production brings the compositions closer to the ear, making you want to repeat the listening of the album.

From ”Go Get Some” to ”The Underdog” which open and close the album, anyone can find his personal favourite tracks. I will choose ”Children Of The Sun” as something really special, accompanied by the rather groovy ”The Boogieman Plan”. I’ve been expecting this album for way too long and I was rewarded by its fresh air and this hidden energy. This time maturity took over all on ”Dead Rock Commandos” and this fixes me quite well. Another interesting and more focused side of Nightstalker awaits all of you who love the band. Embrace this release just like the previous ones and you won’t lose.

Track List Line Up
01. Go Get Some
02. Soma
03. Dead Rock Commandos
04. One Million Broken Promises
05. Children Of The Sun
06. Back To Dirt
07. Keystone
08. Rockaine
09. The Boogieman Plan
10. The Underdog
Tolis Motsios – Guitars
Argy – Vocals
Andreas Lagios – Bass
Dinos Roulos – Drums