The last album we listened to Andre Matos was the project Symfonia in 2011, so only a year after its release, it’s time to hear a new work of him with his third solo album “The Turn Of Lights” which has been released on August. Again as in the previous personal albums of his, is followed by Angra ex-guitarist Andre Zaza Hernandes, his team mate in Viper guitarist Hugo Mariutti, Aclla‘s bassist Bruno Ladislau and Rodrigo Silveira behind the drum kit. Andre produces again some great melodic metal with a strong symphonic feel as we knew in Angra and Sha(a)man. The first song ”Liberty” is in a power metal mood with Rodrigo Silveiro guiding the guitar intro and Andre Matos joining with his unique voice. The main thing that pleases you here is the amazing and unique voice of Andre Matos. “Course Of Life” is a classic power metal song with an orchestral intro and guitar interlude which works as a slow epic break before it changes again to the fast power metal section. The title song “The Turn Of Lights” is a more heavy metal song which proves also that the album has a wider style than just typical power metal. “Gaza” is a ballad which is filled with piano and strings. “On Your Own” is a more experimental composition which I like listening than only straight songs.

The same thing happenA with “Unreplaceable” which shows us also the guitarist’s technical skills. Then follow several classic power and heavy tracks which lead us finally to the ballad “Sometimes” which closes
the album. For those who have the special edition there is also a bonus track “Wings Of Reality” which is an Angra cover from the album “Fireworks“.

Compared to his two previous solo albums, this effort has some good improvements, it seems like Andre Matos doesn’t only rely completely on his magic voice but also allows his band mates to put their ideas in the compositions which can work only positive because the result in music is different if more musicians work together because they inspire each other, rather than if only one person writes the compositions exclusively. A strong release from the Brazilian voice maestro. I suggest you listen to this album immediately.

Track List Line Up
01. Liberty
02. Course Of Life
03. The Turn Of The Lights
04. Gaza
05. Stop!
06. On Your Own
07. Unreplaceable
08. Oversoul
09. White Summit
10. Light-Years
11. Sometimes
12. Wings Of Reality [Angra cover]
Andre Matos: vocals
Hugo Mariutti: guitars
Andre ‘Zaza’: Hernandes guitars
Bruno Ladislau: bass
Rodrigo Silveira: drum