What we have here? Another US brutal death metal band and that is Pathology. I have lost the count with all these bands that play as fast as they can with slamming cutting riffs and piggish screaming vocals. They come from San Diego, California the place where death metal is the main thing they produce the last years.

There are so many brutal slam death metal bands and groups that you cannot tell the good from the bad. Pathology is another one formed back in 2006 and released already five albums before “The Time Of Great Purification”.

In this CD there are all the elements that a slammer death metaller would love. Fast outbreaks of blast beat, mathematically calculated riffing – so that you can bang your head on their rhythms – and shriek that make you want to vomit. If you are in for a surprise, you would be disappointed. There is no twist that can tell you Pathology is a band who will stand out from the gutter. Do not get me wrong, I love slam and brutal death metal, but the last years there so many bands that I cannot anymore distinguish the great ones. Pathology and “The Time Of Great Purification” have nothing for me. They are just another band trying to do brutal death metal. And they are doing it well, yet without any great unique compositions. Nothing more you can expect from them. All the songs stay on the mediocrity. There is nothing original you find on Pathology. That is the truth. And in addition something that really annoys me in any release is that the bass guitar is transparent. The only good thing I could say is the solos. Whenever you can listen to them, they have some nice and well played melodies. That’s it.

This is CD is only for the fanatics, die-hard listeners of slam brutal death metal. If they haven’t being bored already from these type of releases. Sorry guys this release have nothing for any other metalhead. My rating is just an indicator because they do what they do decent enough. I couldn’t really rate the music in this release.

Track List Line Up
01. Imprisoned By Fear
02. Tyrannical Decay
03. Corporate Harvest
04. Torment In Salvation
05. Asphyxiation Through Consumption
06. Remnants Of Freedom
07. Dissection Of Origins
08. Distorted Conscious
09. A Bleak Future
10. Oppression By Faith
11. Cultivating Humanity
12. Earth’s Downfall
13. The Everlasting Plague
Jonathan Huber – Vocals
Kevin Schwartz – Guitars
Dave Astor – Drums
Oscar Ramirez – Bass