When bands are changing their style of music or incorporating new elements in their music style, it depends on them how they’d do such a thing. In the field of Death metal some incorporated jazz elements making absolute masterpieces such as Death – “Individual Thought Patterns” (1993) and Cryptopsy – “None So Vile” (1996). Cryptopsy from Canada had this strong jazz influence in their guitar playing making them one of the most unique bands in the business accompanied of course by Lord Worm‘s one-of-a-kind vocals and lyrics.

The years have passed and Lord Worm parted ways with Cryptopsy who went on to incorporate clean vocals and breakdowns in their previous work “The Unspoken King” (2008), and the result was an utter disappointment for the fans and the press, considered their worst output ever.

Four years later, Cryptopsy promise their fans this will be a back-to-the-roots album and this is exactly what they do here. Starting off with “Two Pound Torch“, we have a kick ass track to remind us of Cryptopsy with its awesome fast melodic riff reminiscent of their “Whisper Supremacy” days and their signature jazzy solos. “Shag Harbour’s Visitors” comes with a bass intro that reminds us of “Phobophile” followed by both fast and insane Cryptopsy riffage and groovy technical riffage.

Moving on to “Red Skinned Scapegoat” with its disarmonic chords over blastbeats in the beginning only to thrash the listeners’ head with more top notch riffs and solos (Levasseur/Donaldson are simply unstoppable) and a well placed breakdown. A groovy moment comes with the “Damned Draft Dodgers” only to turn into another death/thrash tornado (yep there are plenty of them to go around). Then we have “Amputated Enigma“, an sick, fast and amazing intro riff accompanied by groovyness in the verse and chorus expressed by 2-3 different riffs.

My favorite track off the album probably. We continue with “The Golden Square Mile” which is another track dominated by furious melodic/death metal riffs and their known style. Next is the fierce “Ominous” hammering down the listeners ears with some more quality technical Death metal where the bass steals the show as it’s given room through breaks. The album closer called “Cleansing The Hosts” is an amazing Death metal song to make your head bang for the last time.

All in all a very strong comeback for Cryptopsy and an answer to all of the people who never deemed possible a constistent album without Lord Worm on the mic!

Track List Line Up
01. Two Pound Torch
02. Shag Harbour’s Visitors
03. Red-Skinned Scapegoat
04. Damned Draft Dodgers
05. Amputated Enigma
06. The Golden Square Mile
07. Ominous
08. Cleansing The Hosts
Matt McGachy – vocals
Jon Levasseur – guitars
Chris Donaldson – guitars
Olivier Pinard – bass
Flo Mournier – drums