Becoming The Archetype has come with their fifth studio release with a lot of pressure around. Having a change in the bands members many times has a negative effect on the fans, specially when the change includes the original singer. With the release of “I Am” BTA have their chance to show to their fans that this wasn’t a one mans band and as Seth Hecox (guitar) said on an interview “I Am has the most heavy and technical songs we’ve ever written”.

Jason Wisdom who was on vocals and bass guitar has been replaced by Chris McCane whom is not that far from the first when it comes to brutal vox. Though there are enough differences between those two there’s nothing too extreme. Codey Watkins took over the bass guitar and Brent Duckett who left the band for a second time has been replace by Chris Heaton of drums.

“I Am” is a complete album, with wrath unleashed on “Eyes of the Storm”, with it’s fast guitar licks on “I Am” and with some melodic guitars and clean vocals like on “The Planet Marker”. The bad part about this album is that on the second hearing it felt a little bit monotonous and in the end I just wanted it to end. Also you may notice many similarities between some song’s, specially on the first seconds of each track.

Comparing to their previous releases, “I Am” is a small step back for BTA. It’s totally logical for a band to loose its identity when it comes to member changes but they kept the level high. We all have heard albums after the departure of the lead singer that we hated but I guess BTA had their way to prevent that. A solid and heavy release that worth’s to be heard.

Track List Line Up
01.The Ocean Walker
02.The Time Bender
03.The Eyes Of The Storm
04.The Sky Bearer
05.The Machine Killer
06.The War Ender
07.The Weapon Breaker
08.The Planet Maker
09.The Sun Eater
10.I Am
Seth “Count Seth” Hecox – rhythm guitar, keyboards, vocals
Daniel Gailey – lead guitar, backing vocals
Chris McCane – lead vocals
Codey Watkins – bass
Chris Heaton – drums, percussion