Its been a great gap of 11 years between “In This Defiance” and Strife’s new album called “Witness A Rebirth” and this is a magnificent comeback for the california’s hardcore punkers. When the record starts you getting the oldschool hardcore feeling with a proper strong kick in your face, absolutely “Torn Apart” the opening track is the best way to do that. There are some experimental grooves that doesn’t take over their hardcore feeling and they did it great in “the burden” for example the 8th song of “Witness A Rebirth”.

Another clue that makes this record awesome is the appearance of Igor Cavalera behind the drumkit and that guy added his influence on that album with his midtempo oldschool sepulture grooves.His drumming is a stomp in that record and the choice of Strife to have him on this record is absolutely magnificent. There are also some guest appearances on “Witness a rebirth”. First they got Billy Graziadei of Biohazard on “Never Look Back” which is a great song with billy’s legendary voice in the whole genre. There is also a guitar solo from Mark Rizzo the guitarist of Soulfly in the song “In This Defiance” and the last guest appearance comes from the vocalist of Terror, Scott Vogel in “Look Away”.

To sum up, “Witness A Rebirth” will be a highlight for all the bands that having a huge gap between their last and newest release. Strife made a cradle between “In This Defiance” and “Witness A Rebirth” without losing their attitude eleven years ago adding some aggressive elements in their album while they are keeping that oldschool feeling. This album is not a radio friendly one but every hardcore fan and metalhead should look really careful on “Witness a rebirth”. I hope that Strife wont be late again on releasing another diamond but if it will be like “Witness” I don’t mind waiting another 20 years for it.

Track List Line Up
01. Torn Apart
02. Carry The Torch
03. Show No Mercy
04. No Apologies
05. The Distance
06. Never Look Back (Ft. Billy Graziadei)
07. In This Defiance (Ft. Marc Rizzo)
08. The Burden
09. Look Away (Ft. Scott Vogel)
10. Face Your Failures
11. End Of Days
12. Life Or Death
Andrew Kline – guitar
Chad J. Peterson – bass
Rick Rodney – vocals
Pepe Magana – drums
Todd Turnham – guitar