Wintersun coming from Finland actually have been in the making of their second full-length album the last 7 years. “Time I” was originally scheduled for release in November 2006, but ended up being marred by many delays. Well, for something that’s been so many years in the making it really remarks mainman’s Jari Mäenpää will and determination to release it even after so many difficulties! Let’s see how all this determination sounds after all!!!

Time I” begin’s with an introductory track of medieval melodies coming from acoustic instruments but soon after its final sound its original sound unveils within a few seconds. Pure symphonic Finnish power metal. Vast keybords, orchestral sections, double-bass drumming, high speed guitars and of course melodic clean vocals switching shifts with growls and screaming vocals.

Using all the genre’s cliches, it actually sounds tough and concrete, although after some listening sessions it seems confusing as long as the mix was concerned. Too much chaos coming from the use of keyborads that overcover everything.

Some folk elements mainly coming from the vocal melodies and some riffs/ guitar solos give this album an even more epic character. But still there is a strong element that is missing from an album of this genre. There are no great hooks of music that will make you remember the strong and detailed music tales told in here. We should although say that there’s a lyrical concept told through the entire album.

An overall epic, vast, melodic power metal album with many cliches combined to their maximum or even more overdone actually didn’t do I suppose the awaited result after so many years. This is an album only for the fans of this genre, the rest just avoid first contact with it because it might confuse you!!!

Track List Line Up
01. When Time Fades Away
02. Sons of Winter and Stars
03. Land Of Snow And Sorrow
04. Darkness And Frost
05. Time

Jari Mäenpää − vocals, guitar, computer, keyboard programming
Teemu Mäntysaari − guitar
Jukka Koskinen − bass
Kai Hahto − drums