Through the last years the French scene has come up with many bands that have touched the top of their gender (Cojira, Deathspell Omega, Alcest and more). One of those bands is also “Klone” with their new release “The Dreamer’s Hideaway”. Their last album “Black Days” was kinda different, more dark and heavy but in “The Dreamer’s Hideaway” they come with a more progressive and jazzy vibe. Yann Linger’s grungy vocals (who reminds me Maynard James Keenan style) give a really nice feeling between nice tempo changes and cool melodies from the guitars. Plus Matthieu Metzger’s keyboard and sax is the salt and pepper making every song on this album completely tasteful.

Album starts with “Rocket Smoke” and really makes you want to continue, with a really nice and memorable chorus. “The Dreamer’s Hideaway” gives you a good sample of what is about to happen in this album, though it needs some time to fully listen to all of its details. “Walking Clouds” and “Rising” will be loved by progressive metal fans. I also got carried away with “Siren’s Song” and “Corridors” with Yann Linger’s awesome vocals.

If you are into progressive bands and you’re into something with a twist of unique the you should definitely give a try to “The Dreamer’s Hideaway”. If you are a fan of “Porcupine Tree”,”King Crimson” and “Alice In Chains” then you will like “Klone”. Don’t be panicked by the use of a saxophone into a metal/rock band. They have an awesome way to make it fit.

Track List Line Up
01.Rocket Smoke
02.The Dreamer’s Hideaway
03.Into the Void
04.Siren’s Song
08.Walking on Clouds
09.The Worst Is Over
10.A Finger Snaps (ft. Dug of King’s X)
11.At the End of the Bridge
Florent Marcadet : Drums
Guillaume Bernard : Guitar
Matthieu Metzger : Keyboard, Saxophone
Yann Ligner : Vocals Mistaken Element
Jean Etienne Maillard : Bass
Mika Moreau : Guitar