One of my favorite hard rock bands returns with their eleventh full length album. Pink Cream 69 seems to be in a great mood with their latest release called “Ceremonial” that has a sense of renewal six years after their last full length called “In10sity”. Founded in Karlsruhe, Germany by Andi Deris, Dennis Ward, Kosta Zafiriou and Alfred Koffler, the band made quite an essence from its first steps.

In 1994, Andi Deris left the band to join German power metal band Helloween and was replaced by British singer “David Readman”. In 2007 Uwe Reitenauer was added in guitars and in 2012 another founding member, drummer Kosta Zafiriou, left the band due to his various activities as a manager at the company Bottom Row and as the drummer and manager of the new band “Unisonic”. He was replaced by band’s good friend and long-time drum tech Chris Schmidt that completes the lineup.

The new album has beautiful hard rock tunes that once you hear them, they make your day. After so many years the Pinkies know well how they should sound, and released once again quality songs that anyone would expect from a band of their level. Like “Land Of Confusion” that opens the album, where you immediately understand what to you will be hearing for the next fifty minutes. “Wasted Years” and “Special” are kind of hits of the album and my favourites of the album.

The guitars sound incredible and both guitarists Uwe Reitenauer and Alfred Koffler laid down some impressive riffs, melodies and solos throughout the album. Chris Schmidt is behind the drumkit and along with bassist Dennis Ward which is responsible for the outstanding production they complete the rhythm section. Last but not least, David Readman’s voice that sounds fantastic as always, delivering some fine melodies for your ears.

Find Your Soul” is another great song and “The Tide” is a beautiful power ballad. “Big Machine” is n a classic up-tempo hard rock song that reminds of Whitesnake and stuff like that. “Let The Thunder Roll” and “Right From Wrong” follow in the same mood with really catchy choruses. “Passage Of Time” is in the another great power ballad followed by “I Came To Rock”, a song with chorus that makes you want to push up the volume on speakers. “King For One Day” and “Superman” have modern sound, with great harmonies and soul-soothing melodies.

Ceremonial is a great album with killer sound, full of great songs that are worthy of the history of Pink Cream 69, with an uplifting mood that makes you feel good. You should definitely give it a try. It won’t let you down.

Track List Line Up
01. Land Of Confusion
02. Wasted Years
03. Special
04. Find Your Soul
05. The Tide
06. Big Machine
07. Let The Thunder Roll
08. Right From Wrong
09. Passage Of Time
10. I Came To Rock
11. King For One Day
12. Superman
David Readman – Vocals
Alfred Koffler – Guitars
Uwe Reitenauer – Guitars
Dennis Ward – Bass
Chris Schmidt – Drums