[colored_box color=”grey”]Rating: 8
Label: Verycords
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Author: Aggelos “Redneck” Katsouras[/colored_box]

Almost three years after the succesfull change of sound in ”Poseidon”, where the band managed to salvage its possible future with the rearranging of energy dose in their music, their new fifth album ”Post Mortem Nihil Est” proves a contradiction to its title (meaning there is nothing after death), as there seems to include large amounts of life inside the band and is an equal -if not better- successor to ”Poseidon”. The reasons are simple, the band continues in the groovy industrial side we all loved on ”Release The Fury’‘ EP and the ”Dagoba” album, while they put new interesting elements that keep their music interesting.
Compared to ”Poseidon”, the new album seems to sound more mature, more focused and more controlled than its predecessor. While ”Poseidon” would rage its way constantly, ”Post Mortem Nihil Est” doesn’t need to sound the same angry and uncontrolled. There is a certainty that everything is in order, pouring from the very beginning of ”When Winter…” and ”The Realm Black” which open the album and you soon understand you have a great work from the Marseillaise quartet. Despite the change of guitar player, newcome Z (or Yves Terzibachian if you prefer) seems to have already helped the band with his contribution from his very first album with them.

Needless to state Franky Costanza‘s excellent drumming once again, the guy is one of the best drummers I’ve had the luck to see live and is really the driving force of the band, we’re talking about a super-skilled high class player who can play everything every moment. Shawter’s vocals this time have been filtered to sound close to the new approach of the band to their material, and despite they might sound not so aggressive in the beginning, they are convincing enough to make you bang your head (like on ”i, Reptile” for example).

Their first single and video ”The Great Wonder” is another sample from a very balanced album that will make you have a look at them, even if it’s gonna be the first time you do it. If you are into Fear Factory, some Strapping Young Lad or even Meshuggah and of course Gojira or Hacride (two other great French bands), then Dagoba must enter your world as well. Not only they help in the rise of Frence metal in general the last decade, but they remain a fresh act, despite some experimentations which surely didn’t fit them that much (like on ”What Hell Is About” and ”Face The Colossus” to be direct).

The good thing is that they proved me right, since I had stated while revewing ”Poseidon” that it could be the basis where they could build their next albums and succeed in turning the cards by their side. The album is fresh, it remains aggressive, heavy and energetic, but is simply more easy to access, without this meaning that they have become commercial or cheesy. If I’d like to dare making a new prediction, it seems that they could rely on the success of the last two albums and go on this way on their next one (which wouldn’t mind me at all personally), but I think the four Frenchmen might head for other directions in their next release. Until then, listen to another great French album for 2013.

Track List Line Up
01. When Winter…
02. The Realm Black
03. I, Reptile
04. Yes We Die
05. Kiss Me Kraken
06. Nevada
07. The Great Wonder
08. The Day After the Apocalypse
09. Son of a Ghost
10. Oblivion Is For the Living
11. By the Sword
Franky Costanza – Drums
Shawter – Vocals
Yves Terzibachian – Guitars